About CDMA

    The Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) is the apex authority of Municipal Administration Department of Government of Telangana, which provides guidance to Municipal Corporations and Municipalities in performing their day to day activities in adherence to the policies, procedures and guidelines provided by Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department to achieve effective civic administration. The Directorate is headed by the Director of Municipal Administration (DMA). DMA administers through the Office of Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Regional Offices (RDMA) and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) spread across the State. DMA, in its supervisory role, monitors the functioning of the ULBs against key parameters such as the tax collections, project and civic works execution, the implementation of the schemes of the Government etc. It also includes the supervision of the regulatory and developmental functions of the ULBs. DMA interacts with several other departments such as Public Health Engineering Department, Town and Country planning department, State Audit Department, Urban Developmental Authorities, Municipal Corporations, and Water boards etc to enable seamless delivery of urban civic services to the citizen.

    The powers and function of the Director of Municipal Administration mainly includes –

    I. He is the line authority to coordinate between State and Urban Local body with regard–

    • a. The functions and taxation powers
    • b. Arrangements of revenue sharing
    • c. Release of funds from Central Government/State Government and other financial institutions and preparation of plans for economic development and social justice
    • d. Providing adequate representation for the weaker sections like Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes and women.

    II. Supervising and monitoring authority in implementation of various developmental schemes like Smart Cities/ Smart wards, Waste Energy Plants, Liquid Waste Management, AMRUT, IHHL etc., introduced by the Government of India and Government of Telangana. He is also supervising and monitoring authority to timely completion of Audit and Accounts in Urban Local Bodies and also guiding the Urban Local Bodies to restrain the leakages

    III. Guides and supervise the Urban Local Bodies to strengthen the financial stability of the Urban Local Bodies by improving their own resources like property tax, water tax, advertisement tax, energy saving etc