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1 11021523960539841abcdeddada@rd.comExcellent nice work
Thank you for your response,
2 10371522760734613Abid Abdullaabid@y7mail.comFair GoodDay from KUN ELECTRICALS. Dear Madam/Sir Reference to my trade licence application 10371522760734613 , Kindly speedup to issue,Thanks and appreciate in advance.
Please check your status at ,if you won't receive certificate within 15 days please contact on " ",if issue repeats please contact us on 6303298411
3 11011546524482628Adulapuram Shekarsravanreddyasr1062@gmail.comExcellent Goog Governance
4 11791537197793041Anil Yele anilyele645@gmail.comVery Good Please check my licence
5 11711533276655545Bhuvaneshwari Indanebhuvaneshwarivemulawada@gmail.comPoor I am unable to renewal trade license in online since 30 days and really taking my time. My license number is TS_DO_2018_1171/206 in the name of Sri Bhuvaneshwari Indane. Kindy help me on how to apply for trade license renewal online. In Vemulawada municipality office staff can told server not working. you can call me at : 9299994327. Thank you.
Please contact your respective Municipality for your clarifications,if issue repeats contact us on 6303298411 or
7 11791521001662390Chetan Dear Sir, We Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd, Govt of India Enterprises working under Petroleum Ministry. We have submitted the application of renewal of License for the year 2018-19. We already having Offline license upto Mar-2018. Accordingly i approached to Medchal Muncipal, As per instruction received from municipal officer, i have to apply fresh license via online and applied. But as per license validity, it has been issued only for 15days i.e. from 16/03/2018 to 31/03/2018. Request you to look into the matter and released Corrected license for year 2018-19
We will check and rectify it ASAP
8 11071522854475205CHILUMULA GOPI KIRAN3jsevahub2014@gmail.comPoor I have applied for trade licence on April 04, 2018. But as of today, there is no progress in the status. Kindly look into the issue. My request no. is 11071522854475205 Thanking You Yours Truly Ch.Gopi Kiran
You can check your Trade Application Status at If it has been more than 15days from date of Application,please contact your Municipality for your clarifications.
9 11291542267238148china ramujpdomala@gmail.comVery Good nice
10 11291522736049558DHANALAKSHMI narasimhareddy1247@gmail.comExcellent USEFULL SERVICES
11 11291540984293555ERAPAKRISHNA RAOnarasimhareddy124@gmail.comExcellent VERY NICE SERVICES
12 11291533110067196ERAPAKRISHNA RAOrprasadarao.72@gmail.comExcellent excellent services
13 11131536155896845eswararaoeshwar.hrd@gmail.comGood requited renewal process user guide
14 11791546526130258FORTUNE LAKE RESORTfortunelakeresort@gmail.comPoor I am unable to renewal trade license in online since 20 days and really taking my time. My license number is TS_DO_2019_1179/284 in the name of fortune lake resort. Kindy help me on how to apply for trade license renewal online. you can call me at : 9298659474. Thank you.
15 11291540791979942GAMASUMAHESHnash4you9@gmail.comVery Good nice services
17 11291533039598010gopi sivakrishna701@gmail.comGood nice
18 11791516086107806Hanumanthga Raomailtohanus@gmail.comPoor Sir, My application for trade licence has been rejected. But the application fee I paid while applying is not credited back. Please let me know what can I do to get it back
Please send Bank Statement copy to
19 11291524060072074kirannarasimhareddy1247@gmail.comExcellent nice
20 10431548243572387krishna pavantailors@gmail.comExcellent good
21 11661521023162473Krishna Chaitanyakrishna.chaitanya@bnewmobiles.comPoor Unable to download trade license certificate
Sorry for inconvenience,Please send us 17 digit Request number to,we will rectify it.
22 10991497952071353ledala sundar babusunderbabu.ledala999@gmail.comPoor i applied for trade licence for document writing shop purpose vide application No.10991497952071353 but yet certificate not issued
You can check your Trade Application Status at Please contact your respective Muncipality for clarifications,if issue repeats please contact us on 6303298411 or
23 11781542466034434madanmadantode1983@gmail.comPoor trade licence got approved but unable to get it.
24 11291524833586621madhava raorprasadarao.72@gmail.comVery Good nice services
25 11701531473457377Madire Rajamoulikiranchennaboina@gmail.comPoor I have applied trade license with this req no. amount 500 debited from my bank and said that credited to you but unable to download Certificate the bank details are 13/07/2018 NET PYMT 130718 1206 AT CDMATS M :STAN NO : 387061 TRF 500.00 i have again applied paid i loose my 500 rs 9963891243
If Amount debited twice for Trade Application,please send us bank Statement Copy to,we will verify and Refund one transaction.
26 11951541140435709Mahathinmahathi1984@gmail.comVery Good Dear Sir/Madam, I have opted for etrade license online and paid Rs5000. I have taken this license to start a small shop by name "Gausudha Naturals" in Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy district. After selecting the district as "Ranga Reddy" I can see only few regions listed under "ULB" field. No region nearly maches the location which I am planning to start my business. So selected "Meerpet" as the region under ULB field. Will the selection of Meerpet under the ULB will have any impact as the shop that I am planning to start is under "Sheri Lingampally" Municipality. Also let me know if we can change the ULB to Seri Lingampally Muncipality region. Appreciate your response. Thanks and Regards, Mahathi N
27 11291523080814459MARRIrprasadarao.72@gmail.comVery Good NICE
28 10561545473204637mohd shakeelmohdshakeel4054@gmail.comPoor poor service
29 10371534760951181Mohemmed Sadiqmadnihijamah@gmail.comPoor I have given my father name as Mohemmed Ghouse but in certificate it's showing Mhouse... Due to this mistake I am suffering official problems.
30 11791543654739917Mr. PawanTripathipawan@gradientscience.comFair Dear Sir,My application for Trade Licence is showing rejected.Please let me know the reason,I have paid the fee-5000/- as prescribed and uploaded documents as per requirement stated by department. App.No.11791543654739917. Please let me know further course of action and help.
31 11741539314750358Muthyala Sai Tharun reddymuthyalasaitharun@gmail.comPoor It has been nearly month I applied for trade licence..but not approved
32 11291533108439705NagallaVijayasuresh78@gmail.comVery Good nice
33 11071509436448163NUNAVATH SHANKER NAIKkashwinv@gmail.comFair sir i have filed my trade licence through online on 31/10/2017and paid the challan of Rs 4200 vide challan ref no IGACHBUMO2 i did not receive any msg from your side. i have verified in site it seems it does not enter in to your data entry pls kindly do the needful
Thanks for your Response.If problem has not yet resolved please contact 6303298411.
34 11291527143090288PALAKOLLURUKMINInash4you9@gmail.comExcellent very good services
35 11291542866112220PALAKOLLURUKMINIvemulasureshto@gmail.comGood nice services
36 10941537775764446panugantisrinivasa ghmc is doinng welldone and excellent
37 11291526970781658papammasuresh78@gmail.comVery Good good services
38 11781541053122501Pavan Kumar Reddy Vangurukckrassociates@gmail.comPoor I applied for trade licence on 01/11/2018. But i did not get any response from the department. Please kindly do the needful
39 10461501501339096pkpkpk234@gmail.comExcellent Excellent..
40 11151511871860695Prabhakarkudati.prabhakar@gmail.comPoor I am Mr.Prabhakar resident of jangaon Applied for Trade Licence on 28-11-2017,17 days passed till now i havent got my mentioned i maximum 15 days but its taking more time .and more thing those applied on 30-11-2017 had issued Licence .i think No tranparency is maintained.I hope my Certificate will be issued soon thank you.
Please check your Trade Application Status at Please contact your respective Muncipality for clarifications,if issue repeats please contact us on 6303298411 or
41 11291535002534584PRASADrprasadarao.72@gmail.comVery Good nice service
42 11291539240450626PRASADlgoud47@gmail.comVery Good nice
43 10991545663703275rajesh agawalrajesh.agarwal5457@gmail.comGood my application is rejected but amount not refunded what is the cause pls let me now
44 11011539498947811ram prasad aduvalasahasracommunications2018@gmail.comPoor It has been 14-10-2018 I applied for trade licence..but not approved other recently appyed approved Gangadhar Golemu Door No.: 5-24/10/B/C/1, Ulb: Jagityal Jagityal License Number Generated 2018-12-18 ap approved why not approved
45 10431548242435027rameshrameshmuriki@yahoo.comExcellent good
46 11291547107396608ramulgoud47@gmail.comVery Good nice
47 11821520506099483rkrk14567@gmail.comExcellent excellent
48 10451514457504012SACHINsachinkumar2969@gmail.comVery Good my request number number later didn't accept till now
Thanks for your positive response.Please contact to your municipality for further clarifications.
49 11791517136571881Sadasivaiahlalithabhuvanagiri64@gmail.comPoor The status of our application is mentioned as rejected when searched online. The reason is not mentioned. Please give us the reason for rejection.
Please contact your Municipality for your Clarifications,if issue repeats contact us on 6303298411 or
50 11291524727668551sathyanarayana narasimhareddy124@gmail.comExcellent nice serivces
51 10431549431149297satyanarayanadanthalanarayana@gmail.comExcellent good
52 11291542867161362SHAIKALI MAHAMMADnareshjillapally2610@gmail.comVery Good good services
53 11291529581400611SHAIKALI MAHAMMADraghualladurgam@gmail.comVery Good nice
54 10391529725287532SHIVAshiva9440656246@gmail.comGood very use full website.. but i cont renwal my trade licence.. i dont no about what is the problem.. plz tellme
55 11791546610378378srinivasplasmapharma10@gmail.comVery Good our payment was failed now how to pay the payment
56 11061542870298426THUMATI RAMAKRISHNAbatbackofficekhammam@gmail.comGood THE CUSTOMER IS GOOD
57 11061549006325526UdayUdaysuman777@gmail.comPoor We are from Sri vengamamba Caterings applied for trade license on 1 st February 2019. After that no update from your side and your department showing that within 15 days we resolve the application
58 11061505887188696upendarkingskey26@gmail.comPoor Dear sir/medam khammam kmc is not given Trade licences and west
You can check your Trade Application Status at Please contact your respective Muncipality for clarifications,if issue repeats please contact us on 6303298411 or
59 11061524636901486V Lakshmi Prasadhotelkaverikmm@gmail.comGood We M/s Hotel Kaveri Applied on line Trade License we paid 10000/- .Payment Status :Successful But Transaction status Failed
Please send us your(Bank Statement copy) particulars to ,you can check status and Download Provisional at
60 11291543298591985vamsinarasimhareddy1247@gmail.comExcellent very good services
61 11291526455038723vamsi krishnanash4you9@gmail.comVery Good nice services
62 11291524728368485VENKATESWARA RAOsuresh78@gmail.comVery Good usefull services
63 11291533112507077VENKATESWARA RAOkundurthinaren@gmail.comVery Good very good services
64 10431548243960485vijayjajulavijay29@gmail.comExcellent Excellent service
65 11291526631417390vijya laxminareshjillapally2610@gmail.comExcellent super services
Please send us your(Bank Statement copy) particulars to