Vacant Land Tax.

    G.O.Ms.No. 50, TS-iPASS(Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System) Rules. Click Here 

       Sub Section II of Sec 58 & 97 of Telangana Municipalities Act, 2019.

The vacant lands within the limits of the ULB are also taxed based on certain criteria. The vacant lands are identified and assessed for fixation of a Vacant Land tax, which is levied on the owner of the particular vacant land by the Revenue section of the ULB. The main functions/processes of the Revenue section with reference to Vacant Land tax are as follows.

  • Receipt of application for assessment, inspection, processing of the application.
  • Issue of notices to owner of Vacant lands.
  • Assessment of the Vacant Land tax.
  • Issue of demand notices.
  • Collection of taxes and maintenance of the records.
  • Receipt of application for title transfer, inspection, processing and recording of title transfer and collection of title transfer fee.
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S. No. Service Documents Required (Copies) Time Frame Officer Responsible to render services Officer to whom a grievance/ complaint be made in case of delay or default of service
1 Vacant Land Tax Application and Registered Document Instant Revenue Officer/ Revenue Inspector Commissioner


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Vacant Land Tax Self Assessment   Click Here