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1 11771547885359958Balraj arunkumar.g13@hotmail.comFair I had applied for property tax on jan 19 at badangpet municipality office. Still didnt received any output from badangpet municipality office 
2 11051504520807835CHANDRAKALAkashireddyswsreddy@gmail.comExcellent nice application.Thank you
3 11061527337808289CHENNAKESHAVULUrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood nillThank you for Giving Positive Response
4 11921507883453309Chinthoju Shivakumarmc.kalwakurthy@gmail.comGood Assessment ApplicationThank you
5 11771560951123194DOVAGONIpraveen.kandi3567@gmail.comVery Good As i appiled for property tax assessment,plz do the need full as soon as possible 
6 11951511619673722dvn somayajuluaditya1.durvasula@gmail.comExcellent very good Thank You
7 11111508564646668G Anil Kumaranilkumar.g59@gmailc.omExcellent This Service is very transparency and time save systemThank you for your response
8 11691538564827294Gudipati Vishnuvardhanreddygudipati.vishnu521@gmail.comExcellent Good Maintenance  
9 10941561436332642KALWALApratimaravinder@gmail.comVery Good Good Application for new assessments.. 
10 11761523348939011KANTA SONIkdsroda@gmail.comVery Good Very good service, by the online service we can save tree, & data save for long timeThank you for your response,w'll improve our services
11 11771541662822939kishankish.968@gmail.comPoor ward no. revenue no. some other no. which people doesnot know , official are not responding for online request , this is my second attempt  
12 10431544176326779kranthi kranthimikkilineni@gmail.comPoor I applied for assessment in 10th dec-18 but still It showing me under process I didn’t get any update as of now  
13 10991516346565524Krishna Murthyaarkayrmg@gmail.comPoor online self-assessment application is still under process even after lapse of one and half month.Please contact your Respective Municipality on for your clarfifications,if issue repeats contact us on 6303298411 or
14 11771505392652307LaxmiShivakumar9866603331@gmail.comPoor I did not get any answer from you and how could I check what is the status of my applicationSorry for the inconvenience. Can we know which application status you want to check? Pls send details to
15 10421554300839667M.goverdhangoverdhan1966@gmail.comGood Sir, iam resident of gandhi nagar, Nalgonda. My house property tax was caliculated by twice in one assessment ground floor and clubbed with first floor. And in second assessment only first floor caliculated so my first floor culiculated in twice. So my property tax gone high. So i requested commissioner nalgonda muncipality to re assess my house measuerments. He assured me to do justice to me. Again 2019-20 assessment the same repeated. My assessments are 1042013121.,1042022361. I beg you do justice to me. Iam the one of the top tax payee in our area. There are so many big houses then me all are paying less then tax comparing to me. 
16 11741554116505627MAHRUQ TABASSUMnisarma@yahoo.comVery Good The online system is very good. Please ensure that prompt action is taken by the Municipality to let me know the pending Property tax so that I can pay immediately once the house number appears in the Municipal system. 
17 11091510731725662MALLAIAHnallagondaharish@gmail.comExcellent THANKING YOU FOR KEEPING THIS ONLINE SERVICE TO AVOID THE MISTAKES AND FOR TRANSPARENCY Thank you for your feedback.
18 11731540796690587MANCHIKATLA SADANANDAMsairammachana@gmail.comExcellent By this service is good  
19 11771536047652748Manoj Jhamanojjha.nits@gmail.comVery Good How much time does it take for the pt self assessment to complete? Where can we track the application status? I had applied on 4th sep 2018 with request number 11771536047652748...mutation charges were paid during registrationThanks for giving positive response,you can receive your Certificate within 15 days from date of application submitted,for your clarifications please contact your respective Municipality on
20 11061508131951865NANDRA SHANKARshankar.nandra@gmail.comGood goodThank you for your response.
21 11061516690040279RAJESHWAR RAObrrao1931@gmail.comGood I am not get print and acknowledgementSorry for the inconvenience. Pls send details to
22 10991519731317195rajkumarssrk0001@gmail.comGood more update is required for the online applicationThank you for your response,we will improve.
23 11771540451615715rameshgsrikanthin@gmail.comGood good 
24 11771528868777025RAMESHhanumaninfo@gmail.comExcellent I am not PDF format is not downloadingThere is no Downloading option for PT Assessment,please collect Proceeding from Your respective Municipality.
25 11771515820675787ramesh kumarhanumaninfo@gmail.comExcellent How the approval process, what is the next process, should I wait for the Inspector to come and visit premises or should I go and meet the Municipality Office. Please let me know. Regards Ramesh KumarAfter Submission of your Application,Respective Municipality will process the Application,In this process your respective RO will do Fileld Inspection and approve your Application followed by Municipal Commissioner,if you won't receive your Application within 15 days,please contact your Respective Municipality on for your clarifiacations
26 11931556264008679SADABshadabdevla6@gmail.comGood status 
27 11971516685402099Sai Kumar Reddy Msaireddy.92954@gmail.comPoor Hello, First I would like to thanks for providing Online application process. It help us a lot. Filling application form is bit difficult as some dropdown menu are not poping and need to fill agian and again to get it done. My application is not proccesed till date and it was beyond 15 days from long back. When I check with Municipallity office they said there is no online process and don't have enough information related to it. Can you please provide Boduppal Municipal oofice about Online application details please? Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Sai.Sorry,we don't have Bodduppal Data,so please go through " "to fill your PT Application,for your clarification please contact on " "
28 11771512986551810Sambasambu4sivarao@hotmail.comPoor i had submitted the application back in December for Tax Assessment, the verification is not done still now. I have seen application processed in Jan and Feb, what is the priority in processing these.Sorry for delay in process of Application,respective Revenue Officer must do field verification,for your clarification please contact on Email of Badangpet Municipality.
29 11721529554630980Sandeep Sollurisollurisandeep@gmail.comPoor The muncipal officers didn't even call or came for verification or any initial action taken.Its been 3 months i had applied,but it's manual application now it's online for 20 days.Please contact your Respective Municipality on for your clarfications,if issue repeats contact us on 6303298411 or
30 11771509207418612SRINIVASANsrinivasan@gmx.neGood Uploading of ownership documents consists of many pages of Registration Document. We are only able to upload first page of the document. It will be nice if there is option to upload the complete registration document.Thanks for your positive response.We will look into the issue.
31 11771542698027756Sudarshansudrshan@gmail.comPoor Application not working 
32 11061542471510662Sushmithasaida.4u@gmail.comExcellent Its very useful for all without spending time  
33 10961510127602242Unknownneelimanish18@gmail.comVery Good application time and date wrong mentioningThanks for your positive response.We will look into the issue.
34 10961508153641596Unknownneelimanish18@gmail.comVery Good Entered Aadhar Number and Pan card Number in application. But it is not linked automatically for Assessment. if it is linked automatically it will be good. we linked it manually through CDMA website.Thanks for your positive response.We will look into the issue.
35 11061516255194662V MANGILALmangilalvankudoth@gmail.comPoor Iam applyed PT SELF ASSESSMENT on dt 18.01.2018 but no responce till to day. Requesr No:11061516255194662 Cell: 9849765271, 9866389753 
36 11761513607488759Veerabhadra Raoshrinnewaas5@gmail.comGood Hello Sir, we would like to know when the assessment team will reach us for measurement. Expected days we would receive the House number for our independent house.Thanks for your positive response.Please contact to your municipality for further clarifications.
37 11051517198948548VEMULA LAXMIvemulalatha2006@gmail.comVery Good okThanks for your positive response.
38 10951522920661948Vinilvinilchandraranga@gmail.comPoor I haven't heard any updates from muncipal corporation for my PT application. Looking for house number for my house. Just got a verification call and no updates from the muncipal corporation.Sorry for the incontinence. We have forwarded the issue to your municipality. pls contact them for further process.