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1 10981516793387406A LAXMAIAHnags012@gmail.comFair I payed for water tap connection fee of 600 rupees on 8th march 2018 through SBI INTERNET BANKING, Reference number IGADBMFDA5. Amount was deducted from my account but it shows that payment was not successful so I paid once again on 15th march 2018 through SBI INTERNET BANKING Reference number OTHPG548902 To CDMAWATER. I thought that the amount will be refund automatically so I waited till now. But it did not refunded. I verified in the bank also. They said that the payment was successful to the appropriate merchant account. So please verify and refund my amount. Thank you.
Please send your Bank statement copy to " emassupport.ts@cdma.gov.in" If Amount debited twice,it will adjusted for next period
2 11871542274137937Abdul Khaderkhaja763@gmail.comPoor When we are going to pay online payment it is not working
3 11081538753425262Anwarabdulnabi2210@gmail.comExcellent Excellent process by Telangana Govt. And we believe that process must be fast as it is of Application process. Thanks to Telangana Govt. Speacial Thanks to KCR sir.
4 11031596967183155Arjunarjuntokala@gmail.comVery Good Good service of telangana korutla municipal
5 10431595919170137Arunarunpolkampalli@gmail.comFair system creating duplicate receipts, it seems ok ok service, pls speedup process.. and avoid physical contacts.
6 10991528116183851ARUNankam.arunkumar92@gmail.comGood online is good
Thanks for your Positive response.
7 11781590672481283Azeemabrarteacher7.a@gmail.comPoor I have submitted application for new water tap connection last month ..Till today we didn't got any response from municipality
8 11761521874025442b swaropp reddyswaroop123reddy@yahoo.co.inPoor there no use of applying for water tap connection online again we have to submit offline by visiting the office, also the documents u mentioned is not correct to submit online . the office people demand to get a notary undertaking which u have not mentioned. check who is correct and what the use of applying online , 30 days over still sitting on the apllication
There is no Manual for Water Tap Connection.Apply the Water Tap Connection through online,you will receive your Certificate within 15 days,if it takes more than 15 days please contact your Municipality or you can check status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/applicationStatusAndPayment.do
9 10461499327269296BAL REDDY SALLAreddy.dinesh@live.comPoor I've applied for the connection on 2017-07-06 and want to pay the water charges. As I've checked the Online payment portal there are 2 kinds of fees 1. Arrear fee of 600/- and 2. The current fee of 1200/- Which amount should I pay now? Give me an explanation. Thank you.
10 11791602240196555Balaram reddybbreddy47@gmail.comVery Good Maku immediately water connection required
11 11061514525432615BIXAMAIAHrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood NILL
Thanks for your response.
12 11871553771959945C Savithrisavi3dev@gmail.comPoor We have approach for water tap connection, after we obtain consumer number/certificate of tap connection. But to I'll today tap connection was not done for us. Please issue water tap connection as early as possible. Thanks. C.Savithri
13 10431546681703723ch ravi chravi@gmail.comExcellent good service
14 11061585982300141CH SEETHA RAMANUJA CHARYULUbits.cnu@gmail.comPoor Sri/Smt Ch. Seetaramanuja Charyulu (S/o)/(W/o) Having Door No 10-6-190/3 providing 1/2inch new water Connection under General/BPL/OYT Scheme regards, with consumer number 1106035176.Date of Application: 2020-04-04. There was not given collection up to date. we are getting lot of troubles and we paid 1250/-Rs. also. its getting taxes also when we paid the above said amount. Line men also not giiving proper responce. plz resovel the problem as soon as possioble. Thankin you, yors faithfully chilakamarri seetha ramanuja charyulu ph: 9848135563/7989661233.
15 11791599301166163chaitanya Kumar Bchaitu.b4447@gmail.comExcellent very good and easy to apply
16 11121511184884919charan reddyChcr7777@gmail.comPoor how days you required for certificate
You will receive your Certificate within 15 days from date of Application, you can check your status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/applicationStatusAndPayment.do
17 11791574761819808Chetan Thoratthorat.ck@balmerlawrie.comPoor We have applied for new water connection on 26/11/2019 via online for commercial purpose. Till date there is no response from Municipal office. On daily basis i am trying to reach AE and survey officer via telepathically as well physical visit to Office, No one is responding. As per the Municipal rules process has to initiate and complete in 15 days from the date of application. here almost 1 month is going to complete for application, till no support at all. As our company coming under PSU we feel that will get faster support for the same. Instead of faster support it is delaying like anything.
18 11691604648105701DANAKA LALITHAKUMARIpothula1428@gmail.comVery Good It is easly aproching to done the water connection
19 10431529665957959DASARI LAXMIsairamarchitect@gmail.comGood good
Thanks for giving positive response
20 11791519589366385DATHA SURESHsureshdatha@gmail.comVery Good ok
Thanks for your response.
21 11771578709322913Deepak kumardeepakkumar427@gmail.comVery Good Sir request you to kindly cancel the application as I have submitted request at HMWSSB office manually and paid the amount .
22 11771578640394440Deepak kumardeepakkumar427@gmail.comExcellent Kindly request you to cancel the request as I have applied for new connection in person at HMWSSB office yesterday .
23 11061516675319334dppdarjnagesh6@gmail.comGood nill
Thanks for your Response.
24 11771541662924910G Laxmi Narasimha Reddygnreddy44@gmail.comExcellent Feedback about online application is superb.
25 11021544531199346Gaddi rajammaLscandb@gmail.comPoor Orders given but tap hasn't been installed
26 11081557299439969GALLA RAMA RAOramr.galla@gmail.comExcellent I applied for new Water Connection, The Process is very Easy and i got acknowledge Very fast from CDMA , Kindly Please accept and Process my application do the needful as early as possible, i will be very thankful. GALLA RAMA RAO
28 11791596123332394gurram ramanjaneyagurram.ramanjaneya@gmail.comExcellent excellent
29 10461514530999809Hajera Tasneemmoinnzb@gmail.comPoor Sir, I submitted application for water tap connection on 29/12/2017. Site inspection was conducted by your department official and inspection report submitted to your office on 05/01/2018 but so far order has been not issued the application has been under pending. I am facing drinking water problems. So, I kindly request you to issue the order early. Thanking you sir Yours faithfully Hajera Tasneem
Please contact your respective Municipality for your clarifications.
30 10961511020716239I Ravi Kumarputti302@gmail.comPoor New water connection application has been submitted on 17 nov 2017. No updates from Bhainsa Municipality. Rules envisages that penalty of 100 after 15 days is applied to public authority. Please look into and expedite my new connection immediately. you can reach me @ 9000926751
you can check Water Tap Connection status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/getWaterTaxStatusByReqNo.do Please contact your respective Municipality for your clarifications.
31 11021560842616686J UMA RANIrohanjanagam@gmail.comFair Sir/madam We while applying second tap online an error occured during payment as it is showing already connection issued Please help me in this issue we have been waiting for fast solution
32 11001602952616123Jyothimukkawarsunilkumar@gmail.comExcellent Feeling very happy but one request to you sir please give us tap connection as early as possible, thanks sir ??
33 11761599549020832K RAJESHnandunet2006@gmail.comVery Good My Property Tax Assessment No. 1176008092 (Peddamberpet Municipality) My New Tap Connection Online Application Request No. is 11761599549020832 Online application process is very simple for customers. But the acknowledgement Receipt was not downloaded properly in PDF Format. Any how my experience is very good. Thanks & Regards.. K RAJESH Mobile: 8885506526
34 11761547891545295KALA JYOTHIJYOTHIGIRI2011@GMAIL.COMExcellent NO
35 11771520953710256Kalpanavirjanandsagar@gmail.comPoor Till date application Status is pending and while applying new application it shows error page (applying new water tap connection)badangpet,R.R distt
Sorry for inconvenience,we will check into this issue,you can check status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/getWaterTaxStatusByReqNo.do
36 11041550760646624KAMANI KUMARkumar.kamani91@gmail.comPoor sir on 21-02-2019 i was applied for general water tap connection (100 rupees) through online , today i received message as your application is rejected .can you please explain the reason for rejecting my application and also give me a suggestion that how to get connection
37 11021545194481417KANAKAIAH.Mkanakammaka321@gmail.comExcellent VERY VERY SUPER
38 11021538984706916kannam sabitha rajkanna1459@gmail.comPoor connection not given stating that mission bhagiratha pipe line interconnection has not started
39 11771514030367962Kasala Yadagiri Satishakulapraveenk@yahoo.comExcellent Very Excellent service and very useful , Very thanks for our telangana government.
Thanks for your Response.
40 11801523948282024kasam narasimha 03jagadeeshreddy@gmail.comExcellent goood service
Thank you for your response,
41 10431538366294470kavithakavithabommidi@gmail.comExcellent excellent
42 11771571399213090khajashahed5253@gmail.comPoor dear sir/madam, greetings!! reference to new water connection unique request no.11771571399213090 dated 18.10.2020, still their is no progress / update. looking forward your soonest revert thanks & regards
43 11791601963929640kiran reddykarkakiranreddy@gmail.comFair Hi, A lot of options on connection types, good if you provide any user guide about these types to select. Regards, Kiran Reddy Karka
44 11731591274544051Kokkula Rajendramrajukokkulaps123@gmail.comExcellent I feel this is excellent service provided by CDMA Telangana. But I request you to sensitize this kind of services among the common citizens widely. Because many illiterate people unaware regarding these services and G.Os including some of counsellors and corporators. These have to be available in Telugu language briefly at all municipal offices.
46 10461521697685563M A kaleemsameerzain07@gmail.comPoor I ma kaleem i had applied for water tap connection but it's not approved yet please it's request you sir approved my application. My application number is 10461521697685563 Thanking you
Please Contact Your Respective Minicipality
47 11761600425681059Madhava Rao Bmadhavraobasanti@gmail.comPoor I have applied for water tap connection on 18SEP2020, I have not received any call regarding progress please.
48 10461550818390204maggedi savitrimaggedi@gmail.comExcellent essy way to apply with user friendly. hope service also done as soon as possible as application. Thanking you.
49 11781540978627998mahender eddymahender716@gmail.comPoor there is no proper application validations i didn't uploaded any document but the application Successfully taken. May I apply one more time????
50 10451529826568568Maheshs4.maheshr@gmail.comPoor It is very poor, without files upload it is generated number.
Actually Documents of Property Tax receipt and self declaration files to upload is mandatory,but due to some error your Application is generated without uploading files,we have rectifed it
51 10361571909831397Maheshap22j109@gmail.comPoor Respected Madam, Till today I didn't get my tap Connection. They neither giving tap Connection nor showing cause. Hence, kindly do favour madam.
52 10981523265613236Mallaiahvidyasagar.sadula@gmail.comPoor Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card 459XX3395 for a purchase worth Rs601.0 on POS CDMAWATER at CDMAWATER txn# 811306018360.If not done by you, forward this SMS from mobile number registered with SBI to 9223008333 to block your card. You may also call 1-800-111109
Please send your Bank statement copy to emassupport.ts@cdma.gov.in
53 10401603367009007Manjulavjkumar31@gmail.comPoor Rs.638/- Payment made and deducted amount from account, but payment receipt was not yet received, please issue receipt as early as possible.
54 11771550638678466Manojmanojjha.nits@gmail.comPoor I had applied online for water tap connection in Feb 2019 as per the steps listed for online application. Till now no action has been taken for issue of water tap connection....online it is mentioned within 15 days a response will be given but still date the application status is showing as application submitted.Kindly look into it and communicate the present status and the reasons for delay
55 11771542864604713MANOJ JHAmanojjha.nits@gmail.comFair I had applied for the connection on 22nd November 2018 with the relevant documents. How much time will it take for processing the application? (since the application processing time is shown as 15 days)
56 11291538207819120MARRIMANIsidduramya2@gmail.comVery Good good services
57 11671588670120976MD FAKRUDDINamanmd2001@gmail.comVery Good SATISFIED
58 11021596007382308Mekala Mukunda Reddymail4muk@gmail.comPoor Due to Covid Situations I applied New Tap Connection through online on 29.07.2020. But still not progressive of my application. So kindly solve at earliest.
59 10461547035758052MOHAMMED ABDUL QUDHUSqudhus@gmail.comExcellent good response
60 10991523187571605mustafaa1adscctv@gmail.comPoor Application Stage: Commissioner rejected Application, please mention specific Reason of rejected Application, there is no tap line? house tax not paid ? No water in Godavari ? no man power ? please
62 11061514461602757N.LAKSHMIrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood NILL
Thanks for your Response.
63 11061582982898501NAGARAJU JINUGUnagarajubsc0@gmail.comFair Ok
64 11061514961632305nagbushanamrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood nill
Thank you for your Positive Response
65 11021545214293314Nageshwara Raoragi.nagesh@gmail.comPoor I had observed some of the applications submitted after me were allotted whereas my application is still pending for approval
66 10431554446092716nagireddysairamarchitect@gmai.comVery Good good
67 10431522932658476NARABOINA RAMESHnaraboinaramesh@gmail.comExcellent Their Responce is good
Thanks for your Response.
68 10991519373331578NARESHmnaresh4500@gmail.comVery Good very useful services for common people through online but the website gets very slow when we click on the submit button. please resolve that small issue. thank you
Thanks for your Response.We will improve.
69 11061510819031568P.MAHENDAR RAOp.mahendar.mudiraj@gmail.comPoor i requst water tap
please check your status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/applicationStatusAndPayment.do
70 11771578202372112PALVAI MADHURIpalvaisudheer@gmail.comExcellent excellent servide
71 11671545463101570PENDAM HARISHANKARpendamharishankar@gmail.comVery Good sir, it is very good. kindly complete the process properly ....
72 10991516712342719PERKA RAVI raviperka76@gmail.comVery Good Municipality service is satisfactory
Thanks for your Response.
73 11761595409128054ponukupati sri datta srinivasa murthymurthyvardhanivas@gmail.comVery Good facility is very good, but while uploading documents salary cbertificate asked, i think it is not manditary for General connection, i unfortunately missed to upload self declaration form, my doubt is weather again i have to apply? or not . i request you to please confirm.
74 11771545137794298Potluri Madhavipottluri.madhavi@gmail.comExcellent experience with your online submission and your efforts are so good
75 11771527764762553Pradeep Reddydubbaka.pradeep@hotmail.comPoor the connection is pending from 06 months and after submitting the online application till now I didn't get any revert from the office.
76 11771574416332787Prasadpappussprasad@gmail.comVery Good Can you please send the Receipt of the Payment done
77 11061506510675805Putluri CHINNAPA REDDY putluricreddy@gmail.comPoor Dear Sir I applied for water tap connection in the month of Nov 2017 and also Required fee paid on 13/11/2017 ( Rs 7119). Yet tap connection was not given.Please help me in this matter
please check your status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/applicationStatusAndPayment.do
78 10461590515717279RamanaKokkonda_ramana@yahoo.co.inExcellent Very good
79 11061513171814258rambairjnagesh6@gmail.comGood exliant
Thanks for your Response.
80 11061514372148480RAMCHANDRAIrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood YYYYY
Thanks for your Response.
81 11061589785668817RANGISETTI. RAMESH BABUrameshrangisetti1@gmail.comFair ???????? ?? ???????
82 11061514962354987ranirjnagesh6@gmail.comGood nill
Thank you for your response,
83 11661542264062186Raviravikrishnanadipelli123@gmail.comPoor Please reject this application
84 11771561717026009Reshmi V Pnvineethrayaasingh@gmail.comPoor I paid Water connection amount ?8252 on 18 March 2020 through online. Kindly provide the recipient of payment. Mobile no 9492330960
85 11771531881720885S PRABHAKARANsakthiparasakthi@yahoo.co.ijFair pls tell me the status of my water connection application
Thanks for your Response,please check your status at http://epaycdma.telangana.gov.in:8082/CDMA_Water/applicationStatusAndPayment.do
86 11061595241122696Samatha CHsamathach123@gmail.comPoor We have applied for new water connection on 20.07.2020. Till now we didn't get the water connection and the file status is application submitted from one month. Please look into the matter
87 11791545471740534Sandeep27908425s@gmail.comPoor From 6 days status of the application is showing as "Application Submitted" and not moving forward, pls do the needful.
88 11771550507995095Sanjeev Kumarskjhahyd@gmail.comVery Good Online application submission is user friendly, expect to get the water connection earliest.
89 11721561272827768satyanarayana gujjulasatyanarayana.gujjula@gmail.comVery Good Up to this position(filing application)good.After process ...?
90 11061599548159191SHAIK JUBER AHMEDzubair.ahmed694@gmail.comVery Good if you provide the example it is easy to every citizen
91 10461520507164778SHAIK ZAKIRshaikzakirzb@gmail.comExcellent I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide the pending Applicant NO: 10461518850675697 @ 10461518848496367 . Thank you
Thanks for your response.Please contact to your municipality for further clarifications.If problem continues please contact us.
92 10461518848496367SHAIK ZAKIRshaikzakirzb@gmail.comExcellent think u sir
Thank you for your response,
93 10461518850675697SHAIK ZAKIRshaikzakirzb@gmail.comExcellent plz sir appro my from
Thank you for your response,
94 10391550020672815SHAKERSHAKER.WNP@GMAIL.COMExcellent THANK YOU
95 11061513229145563SHAKERshakera16@gmail.comPoor im applied for new tap connection on nov.2017and paid payment fee on 31.05.2018 of Rs 10409.39 /- as per municipal office directions , But now also thereis no tap connecetion kept by govt officials , im requesting dear officers still ho many days i have to wait for tap connection.
96 11771577089296081Shiva Shankershiva02r@gmial.comGood Dear sir, Please do estimation as early as possible. to get tap connection, we are applying for second in the bandgpet municipal office.
97 11771513845623156shyam sunderjmjsrilakshmi@gmail.comFair always server busy.............that too's up the custemers patiency.
Sorry for Inconvenience,.we will check into it.
98 11071591076570862Sindhu gundaSindhugunda9@gmail.comPoor It has more than 15 days that we have applied for water tap new connection till now no proper response from the municipal office As IAM contacting persons regarding the connection As facing a lot of water problem So kindly consider my request and arrange for new tap connection as soon as possible
99 11771549687865406sreenivas kumar aaskumar1972@gmail.comPoor I have applied for water connection on 9th feb 2019, till there is no connection are any further movement of my application, again there is coming election code, we are very much facing water crises in our colony, plz make sure as earliest as for connections sir. thanking you.
100 10431523361253942srinivasuppala999@rediffmail.comVery Good nice service
101 11131602771063020Srinivas vaddepally srinivasvaddaypally4@gmail.comGood Please connect water tap connection to my house as early as possible. Your response is very good for us
102 11131603173889334Srinivas vaddepally vamshi03051999@gmail.comExcellent very immediately response, Thank you very much for providing this fecility and I am also hope that the water Tap Connection to my home from the local bodies is as shortly as or as possible as early. thank you very much once again.
103 11061541043819575sudhakar sudha.police199@gmail.comGood maintenance and other related water release etc. is good.
104 11771561693240480syed azeemuddinsyedazeemuddin2003@gmail.comExcellent Dear Team, kindly request you to please cancel this water application request because i am not at home. so kinldy cancel this application. when i came back to my home i will be apply. thanks syed azeemuddin.
105 10391547891602535T Narashimareddythirumalreddy40000@gmail.comVery Good thank you for providing connection in time...good work
106 11771551182629448T padmasaiprakash.940@rediffmail.comPoor dear sir i am applying for water connection on 26.02.19 . what is my applcation statues
107 11061514438485147T.VENKATESWARALUrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood NILL
Thank you for your response,
109 11061514438169019UMArjnagesh6@gmail.comGood NILL
Thank you for your response,
110 11151600150106495Umakranthi3513@gmail.comPoor Dear muncipal office staff to pathatic situation facing from your end actually i was apply for top connection last month 15 , still now no one responced againist tap conection , so kindly respond my request ..as soon as possible solve the above mentioned problem
111 11771500117621511Umran ahmedumran.sony@gmail.comPoor i have submitted new water supply connection in month july 2017 still status shows under process Please call me if you need any information Contact.No.7842418391
Thanks for your response.Please contact to your municipality for further clarifications.If problem continues please contact us on 6303298411 or emassupport.ts@cdma.gov.in
112 11691513665140244UPPOJUBOSBHUPALPALLY@GMAIL.COMExcellent 562696216565JHMJ
Thank you for your Positive Response
113 11771557737741382V DHANUNJAYUDUvdjay1977@gmail.comGood Sir I have paid water connection DD amount through on line. But so far I did not receive any work order or proceedings. I don't know where is the problem.
114 10431545032382629v rameshvr485@gmail.comExcellent good responce
115 11771576147546224V Vijaya Kumarvarkalavijaygoud@gmail.comGood My application no. 11771576147546224. We paid payment on 6 Jan 2020 using net banking. But still your portal say payment not paid. Given complain at municipal office, they are saying we raised concern to emass email, but no reply. Need to wait till reply. Kindly solve problem and give acknowledge copy of the same.
116 11761508311597793V.Anuradha Udaya Kumar ukku124@yahoo.comExcellent very good software solution for online application submission. its hardly taken 2 mints to complete and submit the application for new water connection for domestic use. its excellent e governance application in PR& RD Dept and ITE&C department.. Congratulate and hope to win more awards from Central Govt. for e-governance projects which are really serving the citizen needs.
Thank you for your response,
117 11061514438751096V.VENKATESWARA SASTRYrjnagesh6@gmail.comGood NILL
Thank you for your response,
Thanks for your positive response,Please contact to your Municipality for further Clarifications.
119 10431522150890669veerammadongariveera99@yahoo.co.inGood good
121 10421550553688604Venkanna Booruguboo.venkanna@gmail.comPoor appliaction status is still apllication submitted.please look into issue. regards, venkanna B 9739096896
122 10431545386290283venkat reddy venkat.samireddy@gmail.comVery Good good service and responce
123 10431547201227023vijaya lakshmivijaya999@gmail.comExcellent good work through online
124 11061516675791339vijaya laxmirjnagesh6@gmail.comGood nill
Thanks for your response.
125 11771547165722023Vikramvikram.vaishnavs@yahoo.comVery Good Better keep it in track, i rasied request 6 months back which is still open