Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Completed At Estimation(TS)  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Laying of BT Road from Telangana Talli statue to Indira Gandhi Statue 47.6801/02/201814 Feb 2018
22Laying of BT Road From Head Post Office to Bypass Road via Jalal Bhukari Dargah91.2401/02/201814 Feb 2018
33Laying of B T Road from Shakkar Nagar Chowrasta to Jalal Bhukari Dargah Road 94.3601/02/201814 Feb 2018
44Laying of BT Road from Shakkar Nagar Chowrastha to Nizam sugar factory70.8301/02/201814 Feb 2018
55Laying of BT Road from Railway gate to peddyreddy ricemill via municipal office204.3201/02/201814 Feb 2018
66Laying of BT Road from Sai baba kaman to Bypass road via agriculture market committee97.2301/02/201814 Feb 2018
77Laying of BT Road from R&B Guest house to vasu high school in ward no.1555.1401/02/201814 Feb 2018
88Laying of BT Road from Afzal Hotel to standard High School in between ward no.10 and 1119.201/02/201814 Feb 2018
99Laying of C.C. road in Saraswathinagar4401/02/201814 Feb 2018
1011Laying of CC Road from 2-4-456 to along the BT Nagar Govt high school in ward no.25401/02/201814 Feb 2018
1112Laying of CC road ar Galib Nagar from 2-3-52 to 2-3-60 & H/o Kaleemuddin Shamshu to 2-3-293 & 2-3-34 to 2-3-28 in ward no.262301/02/201814 Feb 2018
1213Laying of CC road from Nizamabad R&B Road to Hanuman Mandir along th e sharbathi canal9101/02/201814 Feb 2018
1314Laying of CC Road near Nalla pochamma temple in ward no.34 501/02/201814 Feb 2018
1415Laying of CC Road infront of Agricultue market committee in ward no.1616.501/02/201814 Feb 2018
1516Laying of CC Road from Event Plaza to Sunrise High school in ward No.1601/02/201814 Feb 2018
1617Laying of C Road from h/o Ajaaz to R&B Main eoad in wadrd no.2401/02/201814 Feb 2018
1718Laying of CC Road from 4-3-91 to 4-3-100 in ward no.3401/02/201814 Feb 2018
1819Laying of CC Road from 4-4-113 to Meeseva in ward no.4401/02/201814 Feb 2018
1920Laying of CC Road from 4-6-13 to 4-6-11 in ward no.5401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2021Laying of CC Road from 4-6-466 to 4-6-305 in ward no.6601/02/201814 Feb 2018
2122Laying of CC Road from 4-6-392 to H/o Subrahmanyam in ward no.7401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2223Laying of CC Road from 4-2-108/F to 4-2-114/c in ward no.8401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2324Laying of CC Road from 1-1-113/13/B to Aleem Masjid in ward no.9401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2425Laying of CC Road from 1-1-347/A2 to Sagar function hall in ward no.10401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2526Laying of CC road from H/o SK Mahamood to H/o Sk Hyder in ward no.11201/02/201814 Feb 2018
2627Laying of CC road from IBC Church to H/o sailu in ward no.12501/02/201814 Feb 2018
2728Laying of CC Road from 1-2-74 to 1-2-89/1 in ward no.13401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2829Laying of CC Road from 1-2-688 to 1-2-631 and 1-2-572 to Existing canal in ward no.14401/02/201814 Feb 2018
2930Laying of CC Road from CSI Church to GPS High School in ward no.15401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3031Laying of CC Road from 1-2-192 to AMMA NAMMA Trust in ward no.16401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3132Laying of CC Road from 1-3-302 to Existing CC Road in ward no.17401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3233Laying of CC Road at Backside of Saibaba Temple in ward no.18 201/02/201814 Feb 2018
3334Laying of CC Road from Mutton market to Sialy Kirana store and 1-4-1190 to 1-4-1187 in ward no.20401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3435Laying of CC Road from 3-7-154 to 3-7-194 in ward no.21401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3536Laying of CC Road from 2-4-391/1 to Kareemiya Masjid & 2-4-266/3 to 2-5-238 &2-4-402 to 2-4-401 in ward no.2415.501/02/201814 Feb 2018
3637Laying of CC Road from 3-1-89/4 to 3-1-90 in ward no.28201/02/201814 Feb 2018
3738Laying of CC Road from 3-4-324/1 to Chawdi Road & at 3-4-279 in ward no.30501/02/201814 Feb 2018
3839Laying of CC Road at 3-5-140 & from 3-5-127 to Shivalayam Culvert & at 3-6-86 in ward no.31401/02/201814 Feb 2018
3940Laying of CC Road at BC Community Hall and from 3-1-407 to 3-1-410 and from H/o Narsing rao to Komati sab kharkana in ward no.32401/02/201814 Feb 2018
4041Laying of CC road at Backside of MLA Sir House & from existing road to Ayesha Masjid and near shanti lal rice mill in ward no.35901/02/201814 Feb 2018