Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Started  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
13Laying Of CC Road From H.No.1-5-442/5 To 1-5-442/a and Opp:EPNo.GNR-2 to Gunj Hamali Sangam H.No.1-5-432 to 1-5-480/1 H.No.1-5-435/B To 1-5-435 and 1-5-287/8 To 1-5-310 H.No.1-5-287/7 To 1-5-287 and 1-5-341 EPNo.RJN3 in ward No.62505/05/201813 Jul 2018
28Laying Of CC Road From H.No.2-1-146 To 2-1-162/1 and 2-1-102 To 2-1-93 in ward No.12525/01/201812 Jul 2018
314Laying Of CC Road From H.No.4-6-63 To 4-6-64 and 4-7-34 To Dish Raju Gally. And 4-6-36 To Baskar Shop in ward No.20525/01/201812 Jul 2018
416Laying Of CC Road From H.No.Meharaj Masjid To 4-10-5/1 And 4-10-83 To 4-10-53 in ward No.231025/01/201812 Jul 2018
519Laying Of CC Road From H.No.5-6-285 To Govt Primary school H.No.5-6-202/1 To New Sai Baba Temple H.No.5-6-192/2 To EPNo.VDN1/1 H.No.5-6-163 To 5-6-89 and 5-6-144 To 5-6-155 H.No.5-6-189 To 5-6-184 in ward NO.272505/05/201813 Jul 2018
623Laying of CC road from Chandi Ashramam to Five temple and chuch compound area in ward No.322525/01/201812 Jul 2018
724Laying Of CC Road From EPNo.MRCA12/2/A To 5-8-344/1 and 5-8-357/3 To 5-8-354/45-8-330/2 To 5-8-3225-8-354/4 5-8-350 and Opp:LIC Mallesham House To 5-8-353/15-8-356/2 To 5-8-365/2 and 5-8-400 To 5-8-395 in ward No.332505/05/201813 Jul 2018