Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Completed At Estimation(TS)  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Construction of conventional Hall In SRR college Premises, Karimnagar500 02 Mar 2018
22Construction of Kalabharathi nin the premises of municipal office500 20 Feb 2018
33Construction of Shadhikhana in Dairy land200 17 Feb 2018
45Construction of storm water drain from existing drain to manair498 20 Feb 2018
58Road from Srr college to Seetharampur (Rural Limit)100 25 Feb 2018
69Road from Central Warehouse Godown to bypass Road100 24 Apr 2018
710Road from Subhash statue to Seethrampur150 26 Apr 2018
811Improvement of Road from Gunj to Rajeev Chowk100 25 Feb 2018
912Road from Sanjeev Rao (H) to Bypass Road100 17 Feb 2018
1013Balance work of raod from Court to Mancherial Raod60 26 Apr 2018
1114Road from Perika Rangaiah (H) to Adi Reddy (H) , Mankamma Thota40 26 Apr 2018
1215Road from Satyanarayana Temple to Rajeswa Rao (H) Via Shankaraiah(H)40 17 Feb 2018
1316Road from Nerhu Statue to kappu Wada bypass Via Weekly Market300 26 Apr 2018
1417Road from Venkateswara Temple to Kapuwada Chowrasta via shasri Road150 26 Apr 2018
1518Road from Gourishetti petrol Pump to vavilapally Raod via Alphors college Road8016/03/201724 Apr 2018
1619Road from Apollo Raod to Peddapalli Raod via Amebdkar Nagar80 24 Apr 2018
1720Road from Ramnagar TV Tower to Srihari Nagar Colony Road No.1 via Navabharathi & Ganesh Street150 24 Apr 2018
1821Road from Kaman to Naka Chowrasta via Old Shishumandhir250 17 Feb 2018
1922Road from Kisan Nagar end to Rajiv Chowk220 20 Feb 2018
2023Road from Bhagath Singh Statue to Ram Chandra Puri Colony ,Bhagath Nagar140 25 Feb 2018
2126Road from Stadium To Gowtham Nagar150 25 Feb 2018
2227Road from Ramchandrapur colony to sapthagiri Colony150 17 Feb 2018
2328Road from Cancer Hospital to Varaha Swamy Temple200 24 Apr 2018
2429Road from Raji Chowk to Hanuman Temple via Shivalayam , Bommakal Chowrasta150 20 Feb 2018
2530Road from Dr. Hari Kishan Hospital to new apartment & Laxminagar area150 17 Feb 2018
2631Road from sal Bar Mancherial chowrasta to Indira Nagar colony80 24 Apr 2018
2732Road from Subhash Nagar Hostel to Peddapally Raod (via) Pravista150 20 Feb 2018
2833Road from Telangana Chowk to R&B Jagitial Road100 26 Apr 2018
2934Road from SE Electricity Office to Shiva Talkies100 26 Apr 2018
3035Road from Hundai Show room to Pochamma Temple100 24 Apr 2018
3136Road from Vavilalapally Ramalayam to Electricity Sub-Station50 17 Feb 2018
3237Road from R&B Road to Vavilalapalli Ramalayam via Ex.MLA Chandrasekher Rao Residency60 26 Apr 2018
3338Road from Gidda Perumalla Temple to Ganesh Nagar bypass Road80 17 Feb 2018
3439Road from Shivalayam to NGO Colony150 17 Feb 2018
3540Road from Sapthagiri Colony to Bypass Road Near Kodanda Ramalayam100 17 Feb 2018
3641Road from Ramnagar to Bypass Road vai Markandeya Nagar ST Colony100 17 Feb 2018
3742Road from Alkapuri to Grave yard100 17 Feb 2018
3843Road at Sanjeev Nagar Colony 25 17 Feb 2018
3944Road from CPM Office to Nardas Laxman Rao House20 17 Feb 2018
4045Road from Malkapur Road to Aditya Nagar100 26 Apr 2018
4146Road from Arepally Road to Vavilialapally and RTC hospital Road to Mehar Nagar20 17 Feb 2018
4247Road from Ganesh Nagar bypass road to CPM Office20 23 Apr 2018
4348Road from Bharat Petrol Pump to Bank Colony20 24 Apr 2018
4449Road from Phule ground to Santhosh Nagar via santhoshi Maatha Temple100 26 Apr 2018
4550Road from Vavilalapally to Subhash Nagar60 23 Apr 2018
4651Road from Hanuman Nagar Vasanthavally School to Bhaskar Reddy House30 17 Feb 2018
4752Road to Vidyanagar to SRR College Back Side50 24 Apr 2018
4854Road from Chukkala Ashok House to Peddapally Arjun House40 17 Feb 2018
4955Road from Jagitial Road to St.John's School80 26 Apr 2018
5056Road from Ginnela Satyanarayana House to Poudala Anjaiah House40 17 Feb 2018
5157Road from Divya Bhavan to Bodige Galaiah (H) via Akshaya Hospital, Alkapuri Colony150 18 Feb 2018
5258Road from Boiwada Raod from Ganapathi Temple50 17 Feb 2018
5359Road from varalaxmi Funcation Hall to Teja School Raod via Mukund Reddy House50 18 Feb 2018
5460Improvements to Road from Naka Chowrasta to Kapu wada Chowrasta100 26 Apr 2018
5563Development of Grave Yard at Manair Reservoir125 12 Mar 2018
5664Development of Muslim Grave Yards50 23 Apr 2018
5767Development of Alkapuri Grave Yards50 12 Mar 2018
5868Development of Sapthagiri Grave Yard50 12 Mar 2018
5969Development of Karkhanagadda Grave Yard100 24 Apr 2018
6070Development of Kisan Nagr Grave Yard50 24 Apr 2018
6173Construcation Of Market at Chaitanyapuri 25 23 Apr 2018