Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Completed At Invitation of Tenders - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Construction of Integrated Modern Meat & veg Market at NSP camp in KMC20019/02/201620 Mar 2018
22Construction of Integrated Modern Meat & veg Market near Railway station in KMC40025/01/201809 Jul 2018
33Construction of new Office Building for Khammam Municipal Corporation140027/10/201709 Jul 2018
44Re-modeling of Gollapadu channel and its connected drains.5600 09 Jul 2018
55Beautification of Lakaram Tank400 09 Jul 2018
66Renovation of Maintenance of existing shadikna in KMC5030/08/201609 Jul 2018
79Development of Graveyard at Ballepalli in KMC15004/10/201709 Jul 2018
811Development of Christian Graveyard in KMC7 09 Jul 2018
912Providing central lighting from VRK silks show room to R&B main road Kothagudem (via) Mamatha Hospital, in KMC46.14 09 Jul 2018
1013Shifiting of 33/11/kv LT lines & DTRS wyra road to allipuram via mamatha hospital14.68 09 Jul 2018
1114Widening of Existing BT Road from Kalanikethan to Lakeview Apartment towards Allipuram by-pass road in KMC49.45 09 Jul 2018
1215Purchase of Road sweeping Machine.43.51 09 Jul 2018
1316Widening and Development of BT road from Suryadevara Function Hqll to SBIT College road towards Allipuram by-pass Road in KMC.48.42 09 Jul 2018
1417Widening of BT Road from Saritha clinic to RR Chiken centre,Ellendu road, Gattiah center to Bye pass road via RTO office, Approach road to Ballepalli Grave yard from Ellendu road in KMc800 09 Jul 2018
1518Widening of existing BT Road from SBIT College Road to Sambhaninagar Board, Allipuram by-pass road in Khammam Municipal Corporation. 49.3508/09/201609 Jul 2018
1620Purchase of 20 new auto Trolleys.86.54 16 Feb 2018
1721Purchase of JCBs68.3 16 Feb 2018
1822Purchase of new Dumper placers (1No)4104/05/201716 Feb 2018
1923S/o 110 Nos grabage bins refuse compact 1 no concealed bin44.25 09 Jul 2018
2024Construction of New Bus Stand at NSP area in Khammam Municipal Corporation1000 09 Jul 2018
2128Procurement of Refuse Compactor and Containers (Bins)190 09 Jul 2018
2230Procurement of Sky lift ladder vehicle for maintenance of Streetlights in Khammam Municipal Corporation65 09 Jul 2018
2331Procurement of Sweeping Machine for maintenance of sanitation in Khammam Municipal Corporation55 09 Jul 2018
2433Procurement of Funeral Vehicle for Muslim15 09 Jul 2018
2534Widening of CC Road from Venkateswra Swamy Arch to Khammam Granite Office Road ( UPH colony Park)100 09 Jul 2018
2635Widening and development of CC Road from Yellandu R&B to Existing BT road ( Delhi Public School ) at Khanapuram 200 09 Jul 2018
2736Construction of Drains and Dividers from kolipaka Function Hall to Khanapuram 100 09 Jul 2018
2837Providing central lighting from kolipaka Function Hall to Khanapuram 100 09 Jul 2018
2938BT Road widening from Gollagudem to Gopalapuram via Rajannapeta300 09 Jul 2018
3039Providing Central Dividers & Central Lighting from Lakaram Junction to Wyra Road via Yadava Sangam building Gollagudem Road in KMC450 09 Jul 2018
3140Construction of Drain from Road No. 14 of Srinnagar Colony to Gollagudem Road 75 09 Jul 2018
3241Construction of CC Drains both sides from Road No. 3 of Srinagar colony to Gollagudem road75 09 Jul 2018
3342Construction of CC Drains both sides from Police Colony Arch to Gollagudem road 75 09 Jul 2018
3443Widening of BT Road from Parikamuggula Colony to MP Nagar 50 09 Jul 2018
3544Construction of Drains in Kotha Colony, Damsalapuram200 09 Jul 2018
3645Widening of BT Road from Jalanjaneya swamy Temple to New culvert at Sequel resorts.50 09 Jul 2018
3747Construction of Drains from Sri Sri petrol pump to Vikalangula colony50 09 Jul 2018
3850Providing Central lighting from Bus stand to Railway Station Via Municipal Office 100 09 Jul 2018
3953Construction of side Drains from Raparthi Nagar Bord to TNGO's colony200 09 Jul 2018
4054Widening and development of CC Road from Sai Baba Temple To By-Pass road via Ramalayam center100 09 Jul 2018
4156Providing Central Dividers & Central Lighting from Venkatagiri bridge down center to Ayyappa Swamy temple30 09 Jul 2018
4257Formation of Road from Petrol Bunk Opp. ST.Joseph High School to Danala Kondaiah's old House.100 09 Jul 2018
4358Formation of Road from Old Police Lane to Cotton Market100 09 Jul 2018
4459Providing Central Dividers & Central Lighting from Nehru Circle to CPM Office in Khammam Municipal Corporation.20 09 Jul 2018
4560Widening of BT Road from Mekala Narayana Nagar Board to Water Plant filter beds.100 09 Jul 2018
4661C/o.CC Drain Both sides and Road widening from TATA Showroom to Cheruvu Bazar300 09 Jul 2018
4762Construction of Main Drain at Lakaram cheruvu400 09 Jul 2018
4863widening and development of BT Road from Mondi Gate to DRDA Road via Ramalayam center100 09 Jul 2018
4964BT Road formation and providing road safety measures from Mayuri center to R&B Guest House & Central lighting from Bypass road to DRDA and R&B guest house to Mayuri centre75 09 Jul 2018
5066Widening of Road, Central Dividers and Central Lighting from Hindu Burial Ground to Harkara bavi Center via Ranganayakula Gutta Temple200 09 Jul 2018
5167Widening of BT Road, Dividers and central lighting from Indira Nagar Arch to Tekulapally Bypass road175 09 Jul 2018
5268Construction of CC Road from Gaddala Pentaiah (13-4-13) to Gaddala Janardan (13-4-19) & Narapogu Prasad (13-4-75) to Vare Kotaiah (13-4-28) & Gaddala Maisaiah to Church and Pingula Nagamma (13-4-53) to Karepati Yesu(House) & Karepati Ravi (13-4-71) to Gaddala Srinu (13-4-50) & Govt School to Inapanori ramjan House at Kaikondaigudem10 09 Jul 2018
5369Construction of CC drain Gaddala Nageswar rao (13-4-120) to Iruku Venkaiah (13-4-128) & Gaddala Narayana(House) 13-4-156 to Medi Veeraswamy (13-4-26) & Iruku Srinu (house) to Narapogu Rangaiah(13-4-133) & Medi Vijaya(13-4-26) 15 09 Jul 2018
5470Construction of CC road and drain H.No 14-5-90/1 to 14-5-81,14-5-102 to 14-5-26 ,14-6-49 to 14-6-14 ,14-6-229 ,14-6-52 VeeraBrhammam temple to H.No 14-7-69,14-8-137,14-7-32 to 14-7-138 ,14-7-182/1 to 14-5-215 in Pandurangapuram division No.240 09 Jul 2018
5571Construction of drain in various Places in Ballepalli S.C colony AND Panduranga puram and drain from 14-1-160/22 to 14-3-186/6/1 at jayangar colony 30 09 Jul 2018
5672Construction of CC road from Kodirakkala venkanna (House) to Harikatte Chinnappa (House) & Jallipalli Venkateswarlu (House) to Bondala Yesu (House) at U.P.H colony 20 09 Jul 2018
5773Construction of CC road from Govt School to Exiting B.T road (Bodrai) at U.P.H colony and Construction of CC road and CC Drain Venkateswara Swamy Temple to Pokebattine Srinu (house) & Gorre muchhu Raju (House) at UPH colony15 09 Jul 2018
5874Construction of CC road from H.No 15-19-269 to 15-19-276 and CC drain from 15-19-255 to 15-19-259 and 15-19-277 to 8-2-196 at Balaji Nagar AND Construction of CC Darin from H.No.15-19-162/1 and 15-19-150 to 15-19-140 at Balaji Nagar 15 09 Jul 2018
5975Construction of CC Drain from H.No.8-1-213/6 to 15-18-213/3 at prashanthi nagar and CC road from 15-18-258/2 to Ballipalli Main road15 09 Jul 2018
6076Construction of CC Drain and Laying of CC Road at rastoginagar, SC colony in Divn no. 6 of Khammam Municipal Corporation.40 09 Jul 2018
6177Laying of CC Road and CC Drain at SC Colony at Allipuram in Division No. 725 09 Jul 2018
6278Laying of CC Road at Karri Janaki Ramulu House to Rayala Veerabhadram House at Allipuram SC colony in Division No. 720 09 Jul 2018
6379Laying of CC Road at Kothagudem SC Colony area to Main Road in Church line at Kothagudem in Division No. 715 09 Jul 2018
6480Construction of CC drain and Laying of CC road at Pole No. 43 to Power Plant at L.B. Nagar in Division No. 840 09 Jul 2018
6581Construction of CC drain and Laying of CC road at Narapogu Suvartha (Thotti Bridge) to L.B. Nagar Church in Division No. 840 09 Jul 2018
6682Construction of CC drain and Laying of Internal CC roads at House of Narapogu Suvartha (Thotti Bridge) to L.B. Nagar Church in Division No. 830 09 Jul 2018
6783C/o.CC Drains and Roads from H.No.5-5-294 to 5-5-290 at Sambani Nagar in Divn No.12 in Khammam Municipal Corporation.25 09 Jul 2018
6884C/o.CC Drains and Road from H.No.5-5-189/243/4/C to 5-5-189/243/4/5/7 at Sambani Nagar SC colony in Divn No.12 in Khammam Municipal Corporation.25 09 Jul 2018
6986Construction of CC Drains from 6-15-499 to 6-15-496 & 6-16-552 to 6-16-559 & 6-17-620 to 6-17-613 at Damsalapuram New colony in Division No .1315 09 Jul 2018
7087Construction of CC Drains from 6-18-675 to 6-17-668 at Damsalapuram New colony in Division No .1310 09 Jul 2018
7190C/o.CC Drains and Roads from H.No.5-2-248/6 to 5-2-248/J/8 at Sriram Nagar in Divn No.14 in Khammam Municipal corporation.30 09 Jul 2018
7291Laying of CC Road and Drains at Mustafa Nagar in Divn No.14 in Khammam Municipal corporation.30 09 Jul 2018
7392C/o.CC Drain from H.No. 5-5-139/2 to 5-5-139/B/1, H.No. 5-5-139/2 to 5-5-139/6, 5-5-138/2/A/1 to 5-5-134/C/2 and Laying of CC Road & Drain both side from H.No. NO. 5-5-139/6 to 5-5-134/A/5, 15 09 Jul 2018
7493C/o.CC Drain from H.No.5-5-30/2 to 5-5-134/5 and 5-5-134/1/A/2 to 5-5-134/C/216 09 Jul 2018
7594C/o.CC Drain with slab from H.No.5-5-136/1/A to 5-5-136/A/39 09 Jul 2018