Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Completed At Invitation of Tenders - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Widening of Existing Road from Sub Station to NTR Nagar up to New Collectrate Building 3023/11/201709 Jul 2018
22Widening of Existing Road from Venkateshwara Talkies towards Quality Bakery in w.NO.21 and Construction of Drain in W.No.292523/11/201712 Apr 2018
33Widening of Existing Road from Maheshwari Medical to Ladda Building 29 12 Apr 2018
44Widening of Existing Road from Railway Gate to Gopalwada Via VinayakaTemple & Church and laying of CC Road and CC Drain in W.NO.1130 12 Apr 2018
55Widening of Existing Road from Bread factory towards Rangampet 2023/11/201709 Jul 2018
66Widening of CC Road from MM Super Market to IB Junction 1423/11/201709 Jul 2018
77Providing Central Lighting and Construction of Divider from Ramakrishna Work Shop to Ladda Ricemill 25 12 Apr 2018
88Laying of BT Road from Telugu Talli Statue to MPDO Office 2823/11/201709 Jul 2018
99Development of Pochamma Cheruvu, Widening of Bund and Providing Greenary 1023/11/201709 Jul 2018
1010Construction of Sullage Drain and Culverts from Fly Over towards Govt College on College Road 15 12 Apr 2018
1111Construction of CC Drain from Pochamma Temple towards NTR Nagar for Right side2023/11/201712 Apr 2018
1212Laying of BT Road from Umarmiya Layout towards Lions Club and 40Feet Road to Meenam Srinu House 2523/11/201709 Jul 2018
1313Construction of Sullage Drain from Nagadevataha Temple towards Northern side in W.No.102023/11/201712 Apr 2018
1414Construction of CC Drain from Bellampally Road Culvert to Church in Ward No.011023/11/201709 Jul 2018
1515Construction of Cc Drain from Shakthi ITI on the Road No.03 to Rallavagu & from Hanumantha Rao house to Rajesham RTC house via Gulam Hussain DE Transco House in Ward No.021023/11/201712 Apr 2018
1616Widening of CC Road from Ragava rao Hospital to SBI Bank and Culvert in JB Nagar , Widening of CC Road and Construction of CC Drain from Masque to M.A.Samad House, and Laying of CC Road from Sripelli Malles House to Waheeduddin House in Ward No.0410 12 Apr 2018
1717Widening of Road from R&B Road to towards Vijaya Sri House in W.No.29723/11/201712 Apr 2018
1818Construction of CC Drain from Penta Raju House to Suguna House , Ram Sathaiah house to Chakali Pochamma House, Godown to 60Feet Road, Ram Rajaiah House to Chakali Pocham house, Chiluveru Shankar House to Avula Erraiah House and Bapu Pocham House to Nandaiah House Laying of CC Road from Komatipelli Prasad house to Ayyavaru House in Ward No.07 Laying of CC Road and Construction of Culvert from Jogu Shyam House to Auto Srinu House, and Laying of Metal Road from Ramchandar House to Rajaiah House and 60Feet Road to Chelmala Gattaiah house, 60Feet Road to Nisar house in Ward No.0710 09 Jul 2018
1919Construction of CC Drain from Kodadi Ramesh House to Thilak Nagar Road in Ward No.081023/11/201712 Apr 2018
2020Laying of CC Road and Construction Culvert at Shivaji Band Road Ward No.10823/11/201712 Apr 2018
2121Laying of CC Road from Vasu House to Fly Over Bridge, Thirumala House to Mamidi Shetti Swarupa House, Pola Rajaiah House to Kankaiah House, Venkatesh Goud House to Chunnambatti Road , Ingu Rajaiah House to Akula Mansa House , Malla Reddy House to Chunnambatti Road , Service Centre to Rakesh House and Construction of CC Drain from Azeem house to Fakru Ali House , Krishna Kiranam to Sri Pala House , Ramesh House to Hanuman Temple, Hanman Temple to Ramchandar House and Laying of CC Road from Boddula Rajaiah House to Pudari Vijaya Laxmi House in Ward No.1215 09 Jul 2018
2222Construction of CC Drain from Masque to P.Rayamallu House , Bapu Nagaiah House to Saliganti Mallesh House in Ward No.141023/11/201709 Jul 2018
2323Laying of CC Road, Construction of CC Drain and Laying of Street light Poles from Karnabathhula Rajesham ouse to Hanumandir East Side Road, Laying of CC Road with Metal from Arendula Rajam House to CWC Office Road , Arendula Anjaneyulu House to Arendula Rajanarsu House, Midivelli Hanumanthu House Seelam Srinivas House and Construction of Culverts at Itta Kanthaiah house and Arendula Rajam house , and Laying of CC Road from Panuganti Nagaraju to Uppula Laxminaryana House and Darni Rajaiah House to Kankanala Sathish House in Ward No.1510 12 Apr 2018
2424Laying of CC Road from Naveen Kumar House to K.Shankaraiah House, Polytechnic College to Velmas Sangam Building, T.Ramanna House to Govt College and Lingamurthy House to Pochamma Gudi in Ward No.16 823/11/201712 Apr 2018
2525Connstruction of Culverts at Swapana Selections, China Bazar and CC Drain from Maheswari Bhawan to SCST Girls Hostel , Sri Ram Reddy hospital to Raja Rajeshwara Dresses , Sri Vinayaka Mens Wear to Sri Matha Ropes Shop at Railway Station Road in Ward No.21 1623/11/201712 Apr 2018
2626Providing High mast and MS Grills at Ramnagar Park in Ward No.231023/11/201709 Jul 2018
2727Laying of CC Road from NTR Nagar Road to Vidyasagar CI House and Jagirala Ravi House to Existing Culvert10 12 Apr 2018
2828Laying of CC Road from Abdul Rajak House to Gajengi Lingaiah House , and CC Road from Eligeti Rajaiah House to Potu Rajamalu house, Kanthaiah House to Konda Chandra Shekar House, Pratap Rao House to Pasha House , Bandi Shankaraiah House to Bandi Guruvaiah House and Construction of CC Drain from Bairi Rayamallu House to Chinta Shankaraiah house , Fakruddin house to Nedunuri Buchhaiah House, and SR Digi School to Gajegi Lingaiah House in Ward No.2510 12 Apr 2018
2929Laying of CC Road & Construction of CC Drain from Madellaiah Temple to Rallavagu and laying of BT Road from Bollam Bheemaiah towards River Godavari in Ward No.262223/11/201709 Jul 2018
3030Laying of CC Drain from Ex Chairman House towards Rallavagu House, & from Ramakrishna Bread factory towards Rallavagu in Ward No.271023/11/201712 Apr 2018
3131Construction of CC Drain from Kanukuntla Shankar House to Nalluri Raju House, Boda Dharmendar House to Kotte Madhu House, Kotte Madhukar House to V.Sanjeev House , Raji Reddy House to Ache Venu House , Nageshwar Rao House Radhakishna Rao House and Ramesh House to Kumar AE House and Widening of Road from Agumanchi Rani Hospital to PACS Office and CC Road from Sarangapani House to Arjun House in Ward No.30 1023/11/201712 Apr 2018
3232Construction of CC Drain from Giri House to Wazid House, Madeena Internet to JS Ice Factory,Layakat House to Naseer House and Laying of CC Road from Ramesh House to Naryana House, Nandini Hospital to Patel Hospital, Laying of Metal Road from Kanakaiah House to Bypass Road , Padma House to Church and Widening of CC Road from Mazid House to Sajid Ali House , Medi Life Hospital to Shakel House and Construction of Kaman at Bellampally Chowarastha in Ward No.311023/11/201712 Apr 2018
3333Laying of CC Road from Rayal Enfill to Prasad house , Vasin House to Mazid , Ravi House to Hanumantha Rao Trinity School , Krishna House to Vasim House and Mallesh House to Venkateshwar Rao House and Laying of Metal Road from By Pass Road towards Western side in Ward No.321023/11/201709 Jul 2018
3434Providing 400KVA Generator for Raw Water Sump-cum-Pump House at Sripada Yellampally Project5023/11/201709 Jul 2018
3535Widening of CC Road and Construction of CC Drain from MD Yousuf House to Thirupati House, Construction of CC Drain from Yousuf House to Shanu House and Widening of CC Road and Construction of CC Drain from Thirupati House to Dharmpal House in Ward No.05823/11/201712 Apr 2018
3636Laying of CC Road, Construction of CC Drain from Totolla Chowarastha to Pothu Rala Thirupathi House, Hanuman Temple to Bhagya Laxmi Chicken Centre, Venkateshwar Rao House to Gade Mogili Sawmil, Aggolla House to Chowarastha , Gudi Raji Reddi House to Kata823/11/201712 Apr 2018
3737Widening of Existing CC Road from Fly Over Bridge to Vasantha Talkies and Construction of Culvert and Retaining Walls at Under Bridge 1023/11/201709 Jul 2018
3838Laying of CC Road from Bhoomesh Open Plot to Masque at Garmilla and Laying of CC Road and CC Drain Kontham Ravi House to Edla Ramesh House and Edla Balaji House to Edla Linga Murthy House in Ward No.18823/11/201712 Apr 2018
3939Construction of CC Drain from Kumar Petrol Pump worker house to Moluguri Mallesh House, Banda Shankar house to Gampa Srinu Steel Shop, at Gajanan Transport, and Nandu House to Community Hall in Ward No.28923/11/201712 Apr 2018