Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Completed - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
15Widening of Existing Road from Bread factory towards Rangampet 2022/03/201809 Jul 2018
28Laying of BT Road from Telugu Talli Statue to MPDO Office 2826/04/201809 Jul 2018
312Laying of BT Road from Umarmiya Layout towards Lions Club and 40Feet Road to Meenam Srinu House 2526/04/201809 Jul 2018
414Construction of CC Drain from Bellampally Road Culvert to Church in Ward No.011030/04/201809 Jul 2018
518Construction of CC Drain from Penta Raju House to Suguna House , Ram Sathaiah house to Chakali Pochamma House, Godown to 60Feet Road, Ram Rajaiah House to Chakali Pocham house, Chiluveru Shankar House to Avula Erraiah House and Bapu Pocham House to Nandaiah House Laying of CC Road from Komatipelli Prasad house to Ayyavaru House in Ward No.07 Laying of CC Road and Construction of Culvert from Jogu Shyam House to Auto Srinu House, and Laying of Metal Road from Ramchandar House to Rajaiah House and 60Feet Road to Chelmala Gattaiah house, 60Feet Road to Nisar house in Ward No.071030/05/201809 Jul 2018
621Laying of CC Road from Vasu House to Fly Over Bridge, Thirumala House to Mamidi Shetti Swarupa House, Pola Rajaiah House to Kankaiah House, Venkatesh Goud House to Chunnambatti Road , Ingu Rajaiah House to Akula Mansa House , Malla Reddy House to Chunnambatti Road , Service Centre to Rakesh House and Construction of CC Drain from Azeem house to Fakru Ali House , Krishna Kiranam to Sri Pala House , Ramesh House to Hanuman Temple, Hanman Temple to Ramchandar House and Laying of CC Road from Boddula Rajaiah House to Pudari Vijaya Laxmi House in Ward No.121530/05/201809 Jul 2018
722Construction of CC Drain from Masque to P.Rayamallu House , Bapu Nagaiah House to Saliganti Mallesh House in Ward No.141005/07/201809 Jul 2018
829Laying of CC Road & Construction of CC Drain from Madellaiah Temple to Rallavagu and laying of BT Road from Bollam Bheemaiah towards River Godavari in Ward No.262226/04/201809 Jul 2018
933Laying of CC Road from Rayal Enfill to Prasad house , Vasin House to Mazid , Ravi House to Hanumantha Rao Trinity School , Krishna House to Vasim House and Mallesh House to Venkateshwar Rao House and Laying of Metal Road from By Pass Road towards Western side in Ward No.321015/03/201809 Jul 2018
1034Providing 400KVA Generator for Raw Water Sump-cum-Pump House at Sripada Yellampally Project5030/04/201809 Jul 2018
1137Widening of Existing CC Road from Fly Over Bridge to Vasantha Talkies and Construction of Culvert and Retaining Walls at Under Bridge 1030/05/201809 Jul 2018