Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Started  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
14 Laying of CC road from Nikil bharath school to Shek Chotemiya house in ward no 2524/09/201825 May 2019
25Laying of CC road from Exisisting CC road to Chotemiya house in ward no 21022/09/201825 May 2019
37Construction of drain kurmawada in ward no. 03522/09/201825 May 2019
48Construction of drain rafiya begum house to yaqub house in ward no 03304/09/201825 May 2019
513Laying of CC road and Construction of drain from Existing CC road Dyavanapally Ramesh house to R&B road in ward no.6622/09/201825 May 2019
614Laying of ccroad from Puroshottam lalitha house to patharla suraiah house in W No 7320/08/201825 May 2019
732Laying of cc road from Hero honda show room back side to Addagatla narsaiah house in W No 13528/01/201928 May 2019
833Laying of cc road from Mechanic anjanna house to dontula ramchandram house in W No 13520/08/201825 May 2019
935Laying of cc road from Saibaba temple to Anjaiah house in W No 13516/07/201825 May 2019
1036Laying of cc road from Anjaiah house to Bhumanandam house in W No 13516/07/201825 May 2019
1141Laying of cc road from Murali house to Rashid house in W No 14503/07/201825 May 2019
1252Laying of CC road & drain from zakir house to Exicting ccroad in W No 17303/07/201825 May 2019
1354Laying of CC road & drain from Javeed house to wakil house in W No 18303/07/201825 May 2019
1455Laying of CC road from Lingareddy house to back side of shishumandir school in W No 19522/09/201825 May 2019
1556Laying of CC road from Existing CC road to Hanuman temple in W No 19322/09/201825 May 2019
1658Laying of CC road from Sangam hospital to Pradeep house in Indira priya darshini colony in W No 20503/07/201828 May 2019
1760Laying of CC road from Kalanagar B Shekar house to G maruti house in W No 20404/10/201825 May 2019