Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Completed At Invitation of Tenders - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Construction of C.C. Drain from Begari Vinay Sagar House to Begari Sunand Rao, W.No.11.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
22Construction of C.C. Drain from Ambala Manaiah Hosue to Rokati Subhash House, W.No.11.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
33Construction of C.C. Drain from B.Vijay Raj House to Patnam Adivaiah House, W.No.11.2507/07/201709 Jul 2018
44Construction of C.C. Drain from Aziz Bhai House to Kunta,2.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
55Construction of C.C. Drain wit Culvert from Arikatike Rama Krishna House to Ramesh house back side, W.No.11.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
66Construction of C.C. UGD Drain from Rokati Subhash House to Rokati Surender House107/07/201709 Jul 2018
77Construction of C.C. Drain from Maddikunta Chiranjeevi House to Malgala Sangaiah House, W.No.1207/07/201709 Jul 2018
88Construction of U.G.D. from B.Sathyanandam to Vinay Sir (H)1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
99Construction of C.C. Drain from Kummari Pandu House to Adivamma House, W.No.1207/07/201709 Jul 2018
1010Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Sadath Ali House to Mehboob House and Bukka Afsar House to ESI, W.No.12.8507/07/201709 Jul 2018
1111Construction of C.C. Drain from Teku Durgaiah House to Nandikandi (MPDO Office) House, W.No.12.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
1212Construction of C.C. Drain from Hussain (H) to Vadla Padma (H)3.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
1313Construction of C.C. Drain from Uppari Narsimulu House to Nausheed House, W.No.1307/07/201709 Jul 2018
1414Construction of C.C. Drain from Tailor Farooq House to Moiz House, W.No.1107/07/201709 Jul 2018
1515Construction of C.C. Drain from Isam House to Musthafa House, W.No.1307/07/201709 Jul 2018
1616Construction of C.C. Drain from Khadeer Bhai (H) to Balraj (H)307/07/201709 Jul 2018
1717Construction of C.C. Drain from Akhthar Hose to Zakir House1.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
1818Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Kummari Laxmi House to Anji Reddy House207/07/201709 Jul 2018
1919Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Arif House to Ch.Nagaraj (H)207/07/201709 Jul 2018
2020Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Krishna Sir (H) to Chiru (H) & Nizampur Road507/07/201709 Jul 2018
2121Construction of C.C. Drain from Janardhan (H) to Pochamma temple1.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
2222Construction of C.C. Drain from Moiz House to N.Mallesham House, W.No.3 (UDG) - PSR Nagar1.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
2323Construction of C.C. Drain from Ghousiya House to Durgaiah House, W.No.3 Near Mangali Gopal House1.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
2424Construction of C.C. Drain from Gaffar House to Shakir House, W.No.3 MD Nagar1.307/07/201709 Jul 2018
2525Construction of C.C. Drain from Ayyub Khan Hose to Hasham House, W.No.3 (UGD) MD Nagar1.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
2626Construction of C.C. Drain from Abdul Gaffar House to Open Plot, W.No.3 (UDG) MD Nagar107/07/201709 Jul 2018
2727Construction of C.C. Drain from Sangappa House to Osman House, W.No.3 - PSR Nagar207/07/201709 Jul 2018
2828Construction of C.C. Drain from G. Mallesham House to Sharan House, W.No.3 - PSR Nagar1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
2929Construction of C.C. Drain from Ramulu House to Anjaiah House, W.No.3 - PSR Nagar1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
3030Construction of C.C. Drain from Haseem House to Babu Bhai House, W.No.3 - PSR Nagar1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
3131Construction of C.C. Drain from Maqsud Ali House to D.Narsimulu House, W.No.3 - PSR Nagar1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
3232Construction of C.C. Drain with 1-No. Culvert from Pottigari Srinu House to Neeraid Shanker House, W.No.4307/07/201709 Jul 2018
3333Construction of C.C. Drain from Chakali Amsamma House to Siddam Anandam House, W.No.42.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
3434Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Iqbal House to Bandi Prakasham House and E.Ganesh House to Rudra Manaiah House, W.No.43.907/07/201709 Jul 2018
3535Construction of C.C. Drain from Swaroopa (H) to Saleem Bi (H)4.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
3636Construction of C.C. Drain from Raikod Lalitha House to Rachappa House, W.No.42.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
3737Construction of C.C. Drain from Akula Kalavathi House to Shankaraiah Swamy House, W.No.44.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
3838Construction of C.C. Drain from Munnur Ramulamma Hose to Water Tank, W.No.44.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
3939Construction of C.C. Drain from Kadamanchi Laxmi House to Thakedapally Chandramma House, W.No.43.1507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4040Construction of C.C. Drain from Chakali Ambamma House to Siddam Nagamani House, W.No.4307/07/201709 Jul 2018
4141Construction of C.C. Drain from M.Raghuram House to P. Narsimulu House207/07/201709 Jul 2018
4242Construction of C.C. Drain from Veltoor Kumar House to G.Narsimulu House, W.No.61.3507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4343Construction of C.C. Drain from G.Anil House to Azhar Hussain House, W.No.61.3507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4444Construction of C.C. Drain from Tunki Hanuman to Venkatesham House, W.No.61.3507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4545Construction of CC Drain from Dasa Pandu (H) to Javed (H)207/07/201709 Jul 2018
4646Construction of C.C. Drain from Saber (H) to United School2.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
4747Construction of C.C. Drain from G.Manaiah House to Allam Shanker House, W.No.61.3507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4848Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Ramulu Elect. Shop (Subhash Road) to Gupchup Shekar (H) (Shastri Road)4.2507/07/201709 Jul 2018
4949Construction of C.C. Drain from D.Eshwar House (Subhash Road) to Patkari Eshwar House (Shastri Road)3.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
5050Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Balram Raju (H) to Singoor Ramesh (H) & Nagulakatta & towards Ganji Krishan (H)3.7507/07/201709 Jul 2018
5151Construction of C.C. Drain from Sathyam House to Mangali Srinivas (H)1.307/07/201709 Jul 2018
5252Construction of C.C. Drain from Tirumala Rajesh House to Manne Ashok House (Avusali Galli) and Feroz Khan House to Baradi Laxman (H) Shastri Road507/07/201709 Jul 2018
5353Construction of C.C. Drain from Madishetty Rachaiah Hose to Hanuman Mandir 2-side, W.No.93.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
5454Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Avusali Baswaraj House to Krishna Sir House and Manne Prabhu House to Rukmaiah House and Mittu House to Narsimulu House, W.No.9307/07/201709 Jul 2018
5555Construction of C.C. Drain from Jafar Doctor House to Kolkur Prathap House, W.No.91.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
5656Construction of C.C. Drain from Faiyaz House to Chenetha Sangham Meeting Hall, W.No.91.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
5757Construction of C.C. Drain from Jabbar House to Hameed House Meeting Hall, W.No.90.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
5858Construction of C.C. Drain from Shankaramma, H.No.3-4-54 House to Machender, H.No.3-3-87 House, W.No.10307/07/201709 Jul 2018
5959Construction of C.C. Drain from Bheem Shetty, H.No.3-3-64 House to Matam Sangameshwar House, W.No.10407/07/201709 Jul 2018
6060Construction of C.C. Drain from Damodar House to Birnallay Kotha House, W.No.10307/07/201709 Jul 2018
6161Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from 1-HP Bore to Nawaz House & Khadira Begum (H)507/07/201709 Jul 2018
6262Construction of C.C. Drain from Mominpet Road to MRF Afsar507/07/201709 Jul 2018
6363Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from LIC Ramulu (H) Back side to Rama Reddy House3.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
6464Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Mallesham Goud (H) to Afsar (H) to Shankaraiah (H)3.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
6565Construction of C.C. Drain from MRF Ghouse Bhai House to Inayath House107/07/201709 Jul 2018
6666Construction of CC Drain from Shashikala (H) to M. Anjaiah (H)507/07/201709 Jul 2018
6767Construction of CC Drain from Khutubuddin (H) to Rahman (H)2.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
6868Construction of C.C. Drain from Yousuf Hotel to Rahman House2.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
6969Construction of C.C. Drain from Rafi (H) to Khadeer (H)207/07/201709 Jul 2018
7070Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Vishweshwar Rao House to Bheemaiah House507/07/201709 Jul 2018
7171Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Gangya Naik House to Nasir House Opposite207/07/201709 Jul 2018
7272Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Golla Narsimulu House to Haji House4.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
7373Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Narayana Reddy House to Girma Reddy MRF4.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
7474Construction of C.C. Drain 2-Nos. Culvert from BJP Sathyanarayana House to Kamal House4.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
7575Construction of C.C. Drain from Dargah back side Farooq (H) to Musthafa (H) via Vikarabad main Road507/07/201709 Jul 2018
7676Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Pushpa Raj House to Sabastian House via Andhra Bank4.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
7777Construction of C.C. Drain from Koduri Suresh House to Chithara Sathyamma House, W.No.13207/07/201709 Jul 2018
7878Construction of C.C. Drain from Ranjole Sangameshwar House to Amradi Mallanna House to T.Sathyanarayana House and Krishna House to K.Ramulu House, W.No.13307/07/201709 Jul 2018
7979Construction of C.C. Drain from Chowdeshwari Mandir to Nawaz Reddy House, W.No.13507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8080Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Kaleem Patel House to Bhoolaxmamma Temp507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8181Construction of C.C. UGD Drain from Opp. Masjid to Mehmood507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8282Construction of C.C. Drain from Narender to Bhavani Mandir507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8383Construction of C.C. Drain from Transformer Ushaiah (H) to Allam Siddu (H), W.No.152.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
8484Construction of C.C. Drain from Ismaiel Tea Stall to M.Prameela (H), W.No.152.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8585Construction of C.C. Drain from T.Ashok House to Babu Rao House, W.No.151.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
8686Construction of C.C. Drain from T.Adivaiah House to Sree Matha Teacher House, W.No.153.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
8787Construction of C.C. Drain from Mochi Sangameshwar to Krishnaveni House, W.No.15507/07/201709 Jul 2018
8888Construction of C.C. Drain from Iqbal (H) to Babu Rao House,1.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
8989Construction of C.C. Drain from Ch.Mallesham (H) to Baswaraj (H), W.No.15407/07/201709 Jul 2018
9090Construction of C.C. Drain from Mestri Balraj (H) to Moin (H)207/07/201709 Jul 2018
9191Construction of C.C. Drain from Hanuman Mandir to Veershetty2.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
9292Construction of C.C. Drain from Golla Gopal to Shankaramma2.607/07/201709 Jul 2018
9393Construction of CC Drain from Ch.Anjaiah (H) to Mallesham (H)1.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
9494Construction of C.C. Drain from Indira teacher to K.Chandramma1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
9595Construction of C.C. Drain from Nayeem to G. Mallesham (H), W.No.16107/07/201709 Jul 2018
9696Construction of C.C. Drain from Anjaiah House to Shivakumar (H), W.No.16107/07/201709 Jul 2018
9797Construction of C.C. Drain from Hussain House to David Church, W.No.161.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
9898Construction of C.C. Drain from Masjid to Sumithra House3.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
9999Construction of C.C. Drain from A.Ramesh (H) to Anjamma (H)1.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
100100Construction of C.C. Drain from Moin House to G.Kishtaiah (H), W.No.161.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
101101Construction of C.C. Drain from Anuradha (H) to 4-1-1/8/18/5 Mallanna (H) and MRF Janardhan (H)407/07/201709 Jul 2018
102102Construction of C.C. Drain from Chandraiah (H) to Swamy (H)507/07/201709 Jul 2018
103103Construction of C.C. Drain from Sathar (H) to Buchi Reddy (H)3.907/07/201709 Jul 2018
104104Construction of C.C. Drain from Anasuja Teacher House to H.No.4-9-7/11/13.907/07/201709 Jul 2018
105105Construction of C.C. Drain from Mohan Reddy (H) to Jagadishwar (H)107/07/201709 Jul 2018
106106Construction of C.C. Drain from Paven (H) to Kishtamma House3.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
107107Construction of C.C. Drain from Ramdas Back side to Muqeem House and Srisailam Swamy (H)407/07/201709 Jul 2018
108108Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Bakappa House to Manikyam (H)507/07/201709 Jul 2018
109109Construction of C.C. Drain from Mudda Nagulu House to Kohir Base, W.No.184.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
110110Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Kohir Base to Sathani Eshwaraiah House, W.No.184.707/07/201709 Jul 2018
111111Construction of C.C. Drain with 3-Nos. Culvert from Sathani Eshwaraiah House to Gandhi Bhavan, W.No.184.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
112112Construction of C.C. Drain from Mallesham House to Bomma Prakasham House, W.No.181.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
113113Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Sanganna Hotel to Chippa Sangameshwar House507/07/201709 Jul 2018
114114Construction of C.C. Drain from Prakasham House to Nagulakatta2.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
115115Construction of C.C. Drain from Nagulakatta to V.Shanker (H)2.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
116116Construction of C.C. Drain from Hanuman Temple to R.Narsimulu House207/07/201709 Jul 2018
117117Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Old Municipal Office to Pandu Ranga Rao House507/07/201709 Jul 2018
118118Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Urinals to Old Municipal Office.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
119119Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from MJG Water Plant to Sarapu Srinivas House507/07/201709 Jul 2018
120120Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Bommidala Ambamma (H) to Madapati Sangamesh House1.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
121121Construction of C.C. Drain from Pillodi Veeranna House to Neeradi Ramulu House507/07/201709 Jul 2018
122122Construction of C.C. Drain from Thajauddin (H) to Balaiah (H)3.907/07/201709 Jul 2018
123123Construction of C.C. Drain from Shanker (H) to MRF Narsimulu207/07/201709 Jul 2018
124124Construction of C.C. Drain from Siddamma House to Rajesh (H)207/07/201709 Jul 2018
125125Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from G.Narsimulu House to Dabba Durgaiah (H), W.No.224.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
126126Construction of C.C. Drain with 1-Nos. Culvert from Dabba Durgaiah (H) to Rajashekhar Printing Press, W.No.22507/07/201709 Jul 2018
127127Construction of C.C. Drain from me-seva to Old Monaplay School and Ramesh Photo Studio to Transformer W.No.22507/07/201709 Jul 2018
128128Construction of C.C. Drain from Auto Raju (H) to Shivaraj (H)4.807/07/201709 Jul 2018
129129Construction of C.C. Drain from Pramod (H) Madasu Pentaiah2.6507/07/201709 Jul 2018
130130Construction of UGD Drain from Rajashekhar Printing press to Wahida Begum HOuse, W.No.22207/07/201709 Jul 2018
131131Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from B.Raju House to Kumar House, W.No.233.207/07/201709 Jul 2018
132132Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Narsimulu House to Balamani House, Police Anjaiah House to Srinivas House & Ramulamma House to Khasim Hosue in W.No.23507/07/201709 Jul 2018
133133Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Inayath House to H.No.1-1-8/160, W.No.232.107/07/201709 Jul 2018
134134Construction of C.C. Drain from V.Sailu House to Swapna House, W.No.232.507/07/201709 Jul 2018
135135Construction of C.C. Drain from with Culverts from Bikshapathi House to Pasha House at Ward no 23, in Sadasivpet.407/07/201709 Jul 2018
136136Construction of C.C. Drain with culvert from Prabhakar House to MRF Surender House, W.No.45.5507/07/201709 Jul 2018
137137Construction of C.C. Drain with 6-Nos. Culvert from Ambedkar Statue to Kummari Ballaiah House in W.No.51907/07/201709 Jul 2018
138138Construction of C.C. Drain with 4-Nos. Culvert from Avon Auto Parts to Samad House in W.No.5607/07/201709 Jul 2018
139139Construction of C.C. Drain with 4-Nos. Culvert from Girls High School to Davood House in W.No.71107/07/201709 Jul 2018
140140Construction of CC Drains with Culverts at Gandhi Chowk to NH 65 ( Subhash Road )31.85 09 Jul 2018
141141Construction of CC Drains with Culverts at Gadi Maisamma to NH 65 ( Sastri Road )28.407/07/201709 Jul 2018