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11PACKAGE - I,Laying of Internal Roads and Drains in Vasavinagar, Kummari wada,Shanthinagar and other Areas in Sircilla Town ward Nos.2,3,4 under SDF-2016-17332.5930/09/201807 Jul 2018
22PACKAGE - II,Laying of Internal Roads and Drains in Shanthinagar, Dobhigally, Reddy Wada,Ambedkarnagar,Bhavanarushinagar,Vidyanagar, and other Areas in Sircilla Town ward Nos.4,5,6,7,8,9,10 under SDF-2016-17379.8830/09/201807 Jul 2018
33PACKAGE - III,Laying of Internal Roads and Drains in Geethanagar, Subhashnagar, Gandhinagar, Nehrunagar, Venkatraonagar, Sainagar, B.Y.Nagar, and other Areas in Sircilla Town ward Nos.10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17,18,19 under SDF-2016-17397.4930/09/201807 Jul 2018
534CONSTRUCTION OF CC DRAIN FROM (i)H.NO.3-8-88 TO 4-2-60/1,(ii)H.NO.3-8-75 TO 3-8-74 SHANTHI NAGAR OF SIRCILLA TOWN IN WARD NO.44.7 26 Jun 2018
635LAYING OF CC ROAD FROM H.NO.3-8-75 TO 3-8-74,(iii)H.NO.3-8-97/1 ,TO SULLAGE OF DRAIN SHANTHI NAGAR OF SIRCILLA TOWN in Ward no.44.9 26 Jun 2018
736CONSTRUCTION OF CC DRAIN H.NO.4-3-71 TO 4-3-67,(ii)H.NO.4-3-85 TO 4-3-71,(iii) H.NO.4-3-85 TO4-3-75,(iv)H.NO.4-4-58 TO 4-3-71,(v)H.NO.4-3-123 TO 4-3-29 DOBIGALLY AND REDDYWADA OFSIRCILLA in Ward no.54.95 26 Jun 2018
837LAYING OF CC ROAD FROM H.NO.4-4-44 TO 4-4-46,(ii) H.NO.4-4-58 TO 4-3-85, of Sircilla town in Ward no.54.82 26 Jun 2018
938LAYING OF CC ROAD FROM H.NO.4-3-11 TO 4-2-112,(ii) H.NO.4-3-34 TO 4-3-36, of Sircilla town in Ward no.54.89 26 Jun 2018
1039C/O OF CC DRAIN H.NO.4-5-32 TO 4-5-36,(V)H.NO.4-4-106 TO4-4-102,(Vi)H.NO.4-4-86 TO 4-4-102,(Vii)H.NO.4-2-105 TO 4-2-107,(Viii)H.NO.4-4-71 TO 4-4-85, AMBEDHKER NAGAR AND OTHER AREAS IN WARD NO.5 OF SIRCILLA4.2 26 Jun 2018
1140Laying of CC Road from (i) H.No: 4-7-69 to 4-7-54/2, of Sircilla town in Ward no.64.98 26 Jun 2018
1241Laying of CC Road from (i) H.NO.4-6-85 TO 4-6-90, (ii)H.NO.4-6-61 TO H,NO,4-5-24/1, and other areas in Sircilla town in Ward no.64.85 26 Jun 2018
1342Laying of CC Road from (i) H.NO.4-6-31 TO 4-6-33, (ii) H.NO.4-6-63/1 to storm drain and other areas of Sircilla town in Ward no.64.68 26 Jun 2018
1443C/o of Side drain from (i)H.NO: 4-8-27 to 4-8-37, (ii) 4-6-111 to 4-6-124,(iii)H.No.4-6-104 to 4-6-105,(iv)H.NO.4-6-55 TO 4-6-58, in ambedkar nagar of sircilla town in Ward no.64 26 Jun 2018
15107onstruction of Side Drains from (i) to 11-1-11 in B.Y.Naga (ii) to 11-1-11 in B.Y.Nagar and other areas in B.Y. Nagar, . in siricilla town in Ward no.214.15 26 Jun 2018
16108Construction of Side Drains from (i) to 10-7-94/1 (ii) to 10-8-34 (iii) to 10-8-94 in B.Y. nagar and other areas in B.Y. Nagar, ward no.21 in siricilla town4.6 26 Jun 2018
17109Laying of C.C Road from (i) to 12-4-1 in Gopal nagar and other areas in Gopal nagar, . in siricilla town in Ward no.224.98 26 Jun 2018
18166Improvement of Ambedkar Junction, Karimnagar - Kamareddy R&B Road in Sircilla Town.37.512/04/201807 Jul 2018
19167Improvement of Gandhi Junction - Sircilla - Siddipet R&B Road in Sircilla Town.45.512/04/201807 Jul 2018
20168Improvement of Kargil War Tank Memorial at Kamareddy R&B Road in Sircilla town.21.102/04/201707 Jul 2018
21169Development of Landscape Garden-cum-Children Park at Venkatrao Nagar in Sircilla Town.41.6530/01/201807 Jul 2018
22170Development of Landscape Garden-cum-Children Park at back side of CDS building Shivanagar in Sircilla Town.24.930/01/201807 Jul 2018
23172Construction of Burial Ground/Grave Yard in Nehrunagar of Sircilla town.4515/06/201807 Jul 2018
24173Procurement of Tractor with Trailor for transporting the garbage in Sircilla town (Supply and Delivery of (5) Nos. 32 HP Heavy duty Hydraulic Tractors with Trailers).5020/09/201607 Jul 2018
25174Construction Sullage Drain from Shanthinagar Government School to Bypass Road towards Thummalakunta Shanthinagar in Sircilla town.154.2230/01/201807 Jul 2018
26175Costruction of side drain from H.No.11-2-69 to H.No.12-6-131 at B.Y.Nagar with culverts.2505/03/201707 Jul 2018
27176Procurement of Hydraulic Ladder (Sky lift) over existing Municipal vehicle of (Swaraj Mazda) for maintanance of center lighting.1512/04/201807 Jul 2018
28177Procurement of 55 HP Tractor with Backhoe Excavator for maintanance of sanitation.1516/06/201807 Jul 2018
29179Development of Grave Yard at Vidyangar5431/08/201807 Jul 2018
30180Replacement of Old Gandhi and Ambedkar Statues1811/02/201807 Jul 2018
31181Construction of pedestal for erection of New Ambedkar and Gandhi Statues.4.6331/05/201807 Jul 2018
32182Deepening, Drilling bores and transportation of drinking water in Sircilla town.7004/09/201707 Jul 2018
33187CNR Smaraka Mandhiram in Sircilla town25031/10/201807 Jul 2018
34188For Acquisition of land for road widening in Sircilla Municipality permission accorded40001/11/201707 Jul 2018