Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Completed - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Laying of CC road from Kaman to Govt.School in Kothagadi Ward No.1525/06/201809 Jul 2018
22Laying of CC road from Bhujanga Reddy house to Ram Reddy house in Kothagadi Ward No.2515/04/201927 May 2019
34Laying of CC road from Bestha Galli D.Srinivas house to Kompally Narayana house in Ward No.3530/05/201810 Jul 2018
45Laying of CC road from Pilli Gangamma house to Veera Hanuman Temple in Ward No.3 530/05/201817 Jul 2018
510Laying of CC road from Govt School to Bhujanga Reddy house in Kothagadi Ward No.1 525/06/201809 Jul 2018
611Laying of CC road from Faridi house to Om Shanthi Nilayam in Afserjung bagh Ward No.6 527/06/201809 Jul 2018
712Laying of CC road from Sathya Bharathi Function Hall open well to Sudarshan Reddy house in Ward No.6 527/06/201830 Apr 2019
813Laying of Under Ground Drinage Pipe line and Water supply pipe line from Primary School to Adjucent to Darga in Ward No.7 520/06/201817 Jul 2018
914Laying of CC from Primary School to Adjucent to Darga in Ward No.7 530/05/201817 Jul 2018
1015Laying of CC road from Thirumalaih house to Narsimulu Goud house in Ward No.8 513/06/201809 Jul 2018
1116Laying of CC road from Narsimulu Goud house to Dead end in Ward No.8 509/07/201810 Jul 2018
1226Laying of CC road from K.Balaiah house to Chakali Yadaiah house in Kothrepally Ward No.11 419/06/201817 Jul 2018
1327Laying of CC road from Kurva Shankaraiah house to Kurva Anjaiah in Kothrepally Ward No.11 320/06/201817 Jul 2018
1428Laying of CC road from main road to Siraj house in Kothrepally Ward No.11 220/06/201817 Jul 2018
1531Laying of CC road near water tank Yennepally in Ward No.12 521/06/201817 Jul 2018
1645Laying of CC road from Govt.School to Nagesh General Store in Ramaiahguda Ward no.16 530/06/201817 Jul 2018
1746Laying of CC road near Gowtham Jr.College Hostel in Ward No.17530/06/201817 Jul 2018
1847Laying of CC road from Srinivas Goud house to Mahipal house in Ward No.17530/06/201817 Jul 2018
1948Laying of CC road from Jagannath house to Municipal Well in Ward No.18530/06/201817 Jul 2018
2049Laying of CC road from Masjid to Fire Station Chowrastha in Ward No.18 501/07/201817 Jul 2018
2150Laying of CC road from Manik Prabhu house to Dharur Doctor house in Gandhi Colony Ward No.19318/06/201817 Jul 2018
2251Laying of CC road from Avusula Venkatesham house to Pokala Murali house in Gandhi Colony Ward No.19218/06/201817 Jul 2018
2352Construction of CC side Drain from Manik Prabhu house to Pandaraiah house in Gandhi Colony Ward No.19220/06/201817 Jul 2018
2458Laying of CC road from K.Rajaiah house to Nallala Bavi in Ward No.22328/05/201817 Jul 2018
2559Laying of CC road from Harshavardhan house to Nagaiah house in Ward No.22528/05/201817 Jul 2018
2661Laying of CC road from Rathnamma house to Laxmaiah house in Shivaram Nagar Ward No.23525/05/201809 Jul 2018
2762Laying of CC road from bala Krishna House to Narsing Rao house in Shivaram nagar Ward No.23525/05/201809 Jul 2018
2863Laying of CC road from Geetha Nilayam to Shivaram nagar in Ward no.24 526/05/201809 Jul 2018
2964Laying of CC road from Shivaram nagar to Darga in Ward No.24 526/05/201809 Jul 2018
3065Laying of CC road from Dabbolla house to Raghavender Reddy house in Ward no.25528/06/201801 May 2019
3166Laying of CC road from Swaraj house to Rajanna house in Ward No.25 503/07/201817 Jul 2018
3276Laying of CC road from Moinuddin house to K.Bal Reddy house in Alampally Ward No.28 105/07/201817 Jul 2018