Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Pending At CR for Finalization of Agency - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
139Construction of CC Drain From H.NO.3-6-7 to Odde Gangaram Hotel & Opposite line, In front of Bhaskar (H) NO. 3-4-30, From H.NO.3-4-30 to Likky Lavanya (H), From H.NO.3-5-4 to H.No.3-5-5 and other lanes in Ward No.09 of Armoor Municipaltiy 517/02/201821 Mar 2018
243Laying of CC road from Pedda Lingaiah shop to Padigela Gangadhar (H) in Ward No.10 of Armoor Municipality, Nizamabad District.317/02/201821 Mar 2018
355Construction of CC Drain from Oppt Munnur kapu sangam to Marvadi Neelakantam (H) and other lanes in Ward No.12 of Armoor Municipaltiy 317/02/201803 Apr 2018
457Construction of CC Drain from Aloor Gangaram (H) to Kathelly Sangam and other lanes in Ward No.12 of Armoor Municipaltiy 517/02/201803 Apr 2018
564Laying of CC road From Devula Narsaiah (H) to Tonikada Swami (H) Near Venkateshwara Kalyana Mandapam & Other Roads in Ward No.14 of Armoor Municipality, Nizamabad District.417/02/201821 Mar 2018
6135Layin of CC Road in Ward No.18 of Armoor Municipality , Nizamabad District 517/02/201821 Mar 2018
7136Laying of CC Road H.No.1-13-20 to 1-13-15, G Linganna (H) to N Oddenna (H), Bajanna (H) to Nadipi Rajanna (H) and other Roads in Ward No.17 of Armoor Municpality, Nizamabad District517/02/201821 Mar 2018