Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Pending At CR for Finalization of Agency - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
184Laying of CC Road / Blocks from H/o Pasha to H/o Bheem Rao Kadam in ward No: 201004/08/201830 Aug 2018
286Construction of CC Road from House of Bhakarkhasab House to Zulfakar Chowarsta Ward No. 201004/08/201830 Aug 2018
387Laying of CC Drain from H No: 3-4-130/38/E to Munnurkapu Hindu Grave Yard in kunta area ward No: 04 1504/08/201830 Aug 2018
488Laying of CC Drain from Quadeer Gaadi wala ( 3-4-130/31/28/C ) to H/o Zaheer via Municipal culevert to Maismma Gutta temple. 2004/08/201830 Aug 2018
589Laying of CC Road / CC Blocks from H/o Nayeem to Fire Station back side via Owaisi Nagar Govt Urdu Medium School to Kini Pasha Factory in Owaisi nagar ward no: 13. 1504/08/201830 Aug 2018
690Laying of CC Road / CC Blocks from H. No 4-3-1/1B/5 to H. No: 4-3-1/1B/371/7 via H. No: 4-3-1/1B/380/2 in ward No: 151004/08/201830 Aug 2018