Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Not Completed - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
115Laying of CC Road from EP No. 14/28 to Pochamma Temple in Ward No. 14, Bhongir Municipality. 1.7 29 May 2019
218Laying of CC Road from E.P. No. 18/50 to H. No. 5-2-83/4/B and from E.P. No. 18/45 to E.P. No. 18/43 in ward No. 18, Bhongir Municipality. 11.1 28 Feb 2018
323Laying of CC Road from H. No. 1-4-28/1 beside to E.P. No. 23/50 in ward No. 23, Bhongir Municipality. 5.1 28 Feb 2018
432Laying of CC Road from H. No. 1-1-66/329 to H. No. 1-1-66/378/1 in ward No. 30, Bhongir Municipality. 6.7 29 May 2019
536Construction of CC Drain from EP No. 6/22 beside to EP No. 6/28 opposite and from H. No. 1-7-105/1 to EP No. 7/30 in Ward No. 6, Bhongir Municipality.2.1 28 Feb 2018
646Construction of CC Drain from E.P. No. 26/101 to EP No. 26/96, from EP No. 26/79 to EP No. 26/40, from H. No. 4-5-24 to opposite to EP No. 26/40 and from EP No. 26/78 to H. No. 4-5-8 in Ward No. 26, Bhongir Municipality. 7.8 28 Feb 2018
748Development of office Park including one year maintainance in Bhongir Municipality. 15 20 Feb 2018
849Development of Park at Dumping yard in Bhongir Municipality. 2 20 Feb 2018
950Development of park including one year maintainance at ward No. 18 at Housing Board Colony in Bhongir Municipality. 7 20 Feb 2018
1051Development of existing park (Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Park) including one year maintainance at Ward No. 19 in Bhongir Municipality. 7 20 Feb 2018
1152Development of existing park (Chathrapathi Shivaji Park) including one year maintainance at Vidya Nagar, Ward No. 27 in Bhongir Municipality. 7 20 Feb 2018
1256Construction of balance works for Ground Floor and First Floor of new Municipal Office Building including Electrical works and Sanitary works in Bhongir Municipality.50 20 Feb 2018
1357Procurement of furniture to the Council Hall (Godrej make), seating arrangements to Council Hall (Godrej make), wooden panneling and sound proof system to council hall and other miscellaneous works.25 20 Feb 2018