Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Pending At Technical sanction  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Laying of BT Road from Telangana Talli statue to Indira Gandhi Statue 47.68 14 Feb 2018
22Laying of BT Road From Head Post Office to Bypass Road via Jalal Bhukari Dargah91.2404/12/201714 Feb 2018
33Laying of B T Road from Shakkar Nagar Chowrasta to Jalal Bhukari Dargah Road 94.3604/12/201714 Feb 2018
44Laying of BT Road from Shakkar Nagar Chowrastha to Nizam sugar factory70.8304/12/201714 Feb 2018
55Laying of BT Road from Railway gate to peddyreddy ricemill via municipal office204.3204/12/201714 Feb 2018
66Laying of BT Road from Sai baba kaman to Bypass road via agriculture market committee97.2304/12/201714 Feb 2018
77Laying of BT Road from R&B Guest house to vasu high school in ward no.1555.1404/12/201714 Feb 2018
88Laying of BT Road from Afzal Hotel to standard High School in between ward no.10 and 1119.204/12/201714 Feb 2018
99Laying of C.C. road in Saraswathinagar4403/02/201814 Feb 2018
1010Construction of Fruit Market at Old Bus Stand96.5 14 Feb 2018
1111Laying of CC Road from 2-4-456 to along the BT Nagar Govt high school in ward no.25403/02/201814 Feb 2018
1212Laying of CC road ar Galib Nagar from 2-3-52 to 2-3-60 & H/o Kaleemuddin Shamshu to 2-3-293 & 2-3-34 to 2-3-28 in ward no.262303/02/201814 Feb 2018
1313Laying of CC road from Nizamabad R&B Road to Hanuman Mandir along th e sharbathi canal9103/02/201814 Feb 2018
1414Laying of CC Road near Nalla pochamma temple in ward no.34 503/02/201814 Feb 2018
1515Laying of CC Road infront of Agricultue market committee in ward no.1616.503/02/201814 Feb 2018
1616Laying of CC Road from Event Plaza to Sunrise High school in ward No.1603/02/201814 Feb 2018
1717Laying of C Road from h/o Ajaaz to R&B Main eoad in wadrd no.2403/02/201814 Feb 2018
1818Laying of CC Road from 4-3-91 to 4-3-100 in ward no.3403/02/201814 Feb 2018
1919Laying of CC Road from 4-4-113 to Meeseva in ward no.4403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2020Laying of CC Road from 4-6-13 to 4-6-11 in ward no.5403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2121Laying of CC Road from 4-6-466 to 4-6-305 in ward no.6603/02/201814 Feb 2018
2222Laying of CC Road from 4-6-392 to H/o Subrahmanyam in ward no.7403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2323Laying of CC Road from 4-2-108/F to 4-2-114/c in ward no.8403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2424Laying of CC Road from 1-1-113/13/B to Aleem Masjid in ward no.9403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2525Laying of CC Road from 1-1-347/A2 to Sagar function hall in ward no.10403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2626Laying of CC road from H/o SK Mahamood to H/o Sk Hyder in ward no.11203/02/201814 Feb 2018
2727Laying of CC road from IBC Church to H/o sailu in ward no.12503/02/201814 Feb 2018
2828Laying of CC Road from 1-2-74 to 1-2-89/1 in ward no.13403/02/201814 Feb 2018
2929Laying of CC Road from 1-2-688 to 1-2-631 and 1-2-572 to Existing canal in ward no.14403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3030Laying of CC Road from CSI Church to GPS High School in ward no.15403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3131Laying of CC Road from 1-2-192 to AMMA NAMMA Trust in ward no.16403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3232Laying of CC Road from 1-3-302 to Existing CC Road in ward no.17403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3333Laying of CC Road at Backside of Saibaba Temple in ward no.18 203/02/201814 Feb 2018
3434Laying of CC Road from Mutton market to Sialy Kirana store and 1-4-1190 to 1-4-1187 in ward no.20403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3535Laying of CC Road from 3-7-154 to 3-7-194 in ward no.21403/02/201814 Feb 2018
3636Laying of CC Road from 2-4-391/1 to Kareemiya Masjid & 2-4-266/3 to 2-5-238 &2-4-402 to 2-4-401 in ward no.2415.503/02/201814 Feb 2018
3737Laying of CC Road from 3-1-89/4 to 3-1-90 in ward no.28203/02/201814 Feb 2018
3838Laying of CC Road from 3-4-324/1 to Chawdi Road & at 3-4-279 in ward no.30503/02/201814 Feb 2018
3939Laying of CC Road at 3-5-140 & from 3-5-127 to Shivalayam Culvert & at 3-6-86 in ward no.31403/02/201814 Feb 2018
4040Laying of CC Road at BC Community Hall and from 3-1-407 to 3-1-410 and from H/o Narsing rao to Komati sab kharkana in ward no.32403/02/201814 Feb 2018
4141Laying of CC road at Backside of MLA Sir House & from existing road to Ayesha Masjid and near shanti lal rice mill in ward no.35903/02/201814 Feb 2018
4242Construction of CC Drain in ward no.205 14 Feb 2018
4343Construction of CC Drain in ward no.1510 14 Feb 2018
4444Construction of CC Drain in ward no.166 14 Feb 2018
4545Construction of CC Drain in ward no.1710 14 Feb 2018
4646Construction of CC Drain in ward no.183 14 Feb 2018
4747Construction of CC Drain & RCC Culvert at Gunj Road5 14 Feb 2018
4848Construction of C.C. Drain & RCC Culvert at Ratan Hotel on Canal ( Gunj Road)2 14 Feb 2018
4949Construction of CC Drain in ward no.84 14 Feb 2018
5050Construction of CC Drain in ward no.113 14 Feb 2018
5151Construction of CC Drain in ward no.1310 14 Feb 2018
5252Construction of CC Drain in ward no.1410 14 Feb 2018
5353Construction of CC Drain in ward no.215 14 Feb 2018
5454Construction of CC Drain in ward no.44 14 Feb 2018
5555Construction of CC Drain in ward no.510 14 Feb 2018
5656Construction of CC Drain in ward no.68 14 Feb 2018
5757Construction of CC Drain in ward no.710 14 Feb 2018
5858Construction of CC Drain in ward no.95 14 Feb 2018
5959Construction of CC Drain in ward no.105 14 Feb 2018
6060Construction CC Drain & RCC Culvert at Tattikota Road2 14 Feb 2018
6161Construction of C.C. Drain & RCC Culvert at Gosambasthi 2 14 Feb 2018
6262Construction of CC Drain in ward no.19 14 Feb 2018
6363Construction of CC Drain in ward no.210 14 Feb 2018
6464Construction of CC Drain in ward no.35 14 Feb 2018
6565Construction of CC Drain in ward no.223 14 Feb 2018
6666Construction of CC Drain in ward no.235 14 Feb 2018
6767Construction of CC Drain in ward no.244 14 Feb 2018
6868Construction of CC Drain in ward no.2516 14 Feb 2018
6969Construction of CC Drain in ward no.2617 14 Feb 2018
7070Construction of CC Drain in ward no.273 14 Feb 2018
7171Construction of CC Drain in ward no.283 14 Feb 2018
7272Construction of CC Drain in ward no.293 14 Feb 2018
7373Construction of CC Drain in ward no.309 14 Feb 2018
7474Construction of CC Drain in ward no.3110 14 Feb 2018
7575Construction of CC Drain in ward no.324 14 Feb 2018
7676Construction of CC Drain in ward no.3511 14 Feb 2018
7777Construction of CC Drain from Venkateshwara Lodge(Beside New Bus Stand) to Nalla Pochamma temple (Saraswathi nagar road)31.5 14 Feb 2018
7878Construction of C.C.Drain & RCC Culvert near Hanumandir, Jalal Bhukari Road2.5 14 Feb 2018
7979Construction of CC Drain & RCC Culvert at Anil Talkies Junction10 14 Feb 2018