Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Not Started  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Laying of CC Road From H.No. 1-4-226 To 1-4-210 and 1-4-152 To 1-4-141/1 H.No. 1-4-292 To 1-4-307 And 1-4-211 To Primary School and 1-4-198 To EPNo.PMH7 ward No.21010 14 Feb 2018
22Laying Of CC Road From H.No.1-5-59 To 1-5-48 and 1-5-124/1 To Bhuputhramma Function Hall Road in ward No.41010 14 Feb 2018
34Laying Of CC Road From FCI Goddam Area To H.No.1-5-417 in ward No.71010 14 Feb 2018
45Laying Of CC Road From H.No.1-15-153 To 1-15-118 and 1-15-168 To 1-15-202 and 1-15-407 To 1-15-409 at Rajinikanth House H.No.1-15-252 To 1-15-211 and 1-15-285 To 1-15-172 in ward No.82020 14 Feb 2018
56Laying Of CC Road From H.No.3-1-218/1 To 3-9-113 and 3-1-219/a/1 To Ayyappa Function Hall. And 3-1-252/3 To 3-1-245/1 EPNo.AYP7/1/1 To AYP7/1/3 and H.No.3-1-174/1 To 3-1-175/1/a.and 3-1-106 To 3-1-85, EPNo.JPNB9 To H.No.3-1-27 and Mallesh House To Gillala Rajaiah House. And 3-1-230/1 To 3-1-222 in ward No.91515 14 Feb 2018
67Laying Of CC Road From H.No.1-8-49 To 1-8-30 at Daily Market Area and mushrif ward No.1155 14 Feb 2018
79Laying Of CC Road From H.No.2-2-1 To 2-2-59 and 2-4-72 To 2-4-84 in ward No.1355 14 Feb 2018
810Laying Of CC Road Around Rammandhir Area in ward No.1555 14 Feb 2018
911Laying Of CC Road From 3-2-27 To 3-3-40 in ward No.1655 14 Feb 2018
1012Laying Of CC Road From H.No.3-8-51/1 To Sangi Sangam End. And 3-7-88/2/1 To 3-7-142/8 H.No.3-7-139/B To 3-7-67/8 and Mariya Masjid Area1010 14 Feb 2018
1113Laying of CC road at Peddamma gudi area in ward No.1955 14 Feb 2018
1215Laying Of CC Road From H.No.4-8-43 To 4-8-5 and 4-8-38 To 4-8-31 Dharga Gally in ward No.2255 14 Feb 2018
1317Laying Of CC Road From H.No.5-2-1 To 5-2-194/24 , H.No.5-2-203 To EPNo.VKN4, H.No.5-3-70/2 To 5-3-89/2, H.No.5-2-145/5 To Honda Show Room in ward No.242020 14 Feb 2018
1418Laying Of CC Road From H.No.5-3-505 To EPNo.NZSR18/2 And H.No.5-3-870 To 5-3-875 and H.No.5-3-966/a To EPNo.NAC4 H.No.5-3-535 To 5-3-532 and 5-3-620/F To Gas Goddam, H.No.5-3-556/3 To Satish Goud House And 5-3-558/1 To Arya Nagar ward No.262020 14 Feb 2018
1520Laying Of CC Road From Bilal Masjid Area and Opp Meesava in ward No.282020 14 Feb 2018
1621Laying Of CC Road From H.No.5-5-202 To 7 Star Tailor and 5-7-72/a To EPNo.SRNC B5/1/C in ward No.3055 14 Feb 2018
1722Laying Of CC Road From H.No.5-7-313 To Arkala.Rajendhar House H.No. Arkala.Rajendhar House To 5-7-181 Battu.Pentaiahin ward No.311010 14 Feb 2018