Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Pending At Technical sanction  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
11Construction of conventional Hall In SRR college Premises, Karimnagar500 02 Mar 2018
22Construction of Kalabharathi nin the premises of municipal office500 20 Feb 2018
33Construction of Shadhikhana in Dairy land200 17 Feb 2018
44Construction of Ambedkar Bhavan in Dairy land200 18 Feb 2018
55Construction of storm water drain from existing drain to manair498 20 Feb 2018
610Road from Subhash statue to Seethrampur150 26 Apr 2018
712Road from Sanjeev Rao (H) to Bypass Road100 17 Feb 2018
815Road from Satyanarayana Temple to Rajeswa Rao (H) Via Shankaraiah(H)40 17 Feb 2018
916Road from Nerhu Statue to kappu Wada bypass Via Weekly Market30029/11/201726 Apr 2018
1021Road from Kaman to Naka Chowrasta via Old Shishumandhir250 17 Feb 2018
1127Road from Ramchandrapur colony to sapthagiri Colony150 17 Feb 2018
1230Road from Dr. Hari Kishan Hospital to new apartment & Laxminagar area150 17 Feb 2018
1336Road from Vavilalapally Ramalayam to Electricity Sub-Station50 17 Feb 2018
1438Road from Gidda Perumalla Temple to Ganesh Nagar bypass Road80 17 Feb 2018
1539Road from Shivalayam to NGO Colony150 17 Feb 2018
1640Road from Sapthagiri Colony to Bypass Road Near Kodanda Ramalayam100 17 Feb 2018
1741Road from Ramnagar to Bypass Road vai Markandeya Nagar ST Colony100 17 Feb 2018
1842Road from Alkapuri to Grave yard100 17 Feb 2018
1943Road at Sanjeev Nagar Colony 25 17 Feb 2018
2044Road from CPM Office to Nardas Laxman Rao House20 17 Feb 2018
2146Road from Arepally Road to Vavilialapally and RTC hospital Road to Mehar Nagar20 17 Feb 2018
2251Road from Hanuman Nagar Vasanthavally School to Bhaskar Reddy House30 17 Feb 2018
2354Road from Chukkala Ashok House to Peddapally Arjun House40 17 Feb 2018
2456Road from Ginnela Satyanarayana House to Poudala Anjaiah House40 17 Feb 2018
2557Road from Divya Bhavan to Bodige Galaiah (H) via Akshaya Hospital, Alkapuri Colony150 18 Feb 2018
2658Road from Boiwada Raod from Ganapathi Temple50 17 Feb 2018
2759Road from varalaxmi Funcation Hall to Teja School Raod via Mukund Reddy House50 18 Feb 2018