Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Pending At CR for Finalization of Agency - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
138BT Road widening from Gollagudem to Gopalapuram via Rajannapeta30025/07/201809 Jul 2018
239Providing Central Dividers & Central Lighting from Lakaram Junction to Wyra Road via Yadava Sangam building Gollagudem Road in KMC45025/07/201809 Jul 2018
377Laying of CC Road and CC Drain at SC Colony at Allipuram in Division No. 725 09 Jul 2018
478Laying of CC Road at Karri Janaki Ramulu House to Rayala Veerabhadram House at Allipuram SC colony in Division No. 720 09 Jul 2018
579Laying of CC Road at Kothagudem SC Colony area to Main Road in Church line at Kothagudem in Division No. 715 09 Jul 2018
683C/o.CC Drains and Roads from H.No.5-5-294 to 5-5-290 at Sambani Nagar in Divn No.12 in Khammam Municipal Corporation.25 09 Jul 2018
792C/o.CC Drain from H.No. 5-5-139/2 to 5-5-139/B/1, H.No. 5-5-139/2 to 5-5-139/6, 5-5-138/2/A/1 to 5-5-134/C/2 and Laying of CC Road & Drain both side from H.No. NO. 5-5-139/6 to 5-5-134/A/5, 15 09 Jul 2018
893C/o.CC Drain from H.No.5-5-30/2 to 5-5-134/5 and 5-5-134/1/A/2 to 5-5-134/C/216 09 Jul 2018
994C/o.CC Drain with slab from H.No.5-5-136/1/A to 5-5-136/A/39 09 Jul 2018