Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Inprogress - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
119Providing two side lighting from vittalnagar hanuman temple to 7LB Railway track and 9-5-340 to 9-5-27 in vittal nagar of Ramagundam Muncipal corporation37 16 Jul 2018
224Construction of Divider from Medepally center to Medepally village in Ramagundam Muncipal Corporation7403/11/201716 Jul 2018
327Construction of Strom water drain and fencing from Rajeev rahadari(PG College Entrance) to Malkapoor Minin tank bund Ramagundam Muncipal Corportion32 16 Jul 2018
434Providing One side lighting from 5 Incline to Parashuram Nagar in Ramagundam Muncipal Corporation17 16 Jul 2018
539Providing Center lighting from Ramagundam railway gate to 1-1-62 (RMC limits) in Ramagundam Muncipal Corportion29 16 Jul 2018
645Laying of CC Road Alluru darga main road to santhosh nagar weekly market in Ramagundam Muncipal corporation163 16 Jul 2018
753Development and improvement of weekly markets 40014/02/201715 Feb 2018
854Developmentof storm water drain400 16 Jul 2018