Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Not Completed - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
13Construction of C.C. Drain from B.Vijay Raj House to Patnam Adivaiah House, W.No.11.25 09 Jul 2018
27Construction of C.C. Drain from Maddikunta Chiranjeevi House to Malgala Sangaiah House, W.No.12 09 Jul 2018
38Construction of U.G.D. from B.Sathyanandam to Vinay Sir (H)1.7 09 Jul 2018
410Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Sadath Ali House to Mehboob House and Bukka Afsar House to ESI, W.No.12.85 09 Jul 2018
511Construction of C.C. Drain from Teku Durgaiah House to Nandikandi (MPDO Office) House, W.No.12.5 09 Jul 2018
612Construction of C.C. Drain from Hussain (H) to Vadla Padma (H)3.1 09 Jul 2018
713Construction of C.C. Drain from Uppari Narsimulu House to Nausheed House, W.No.13 09 Jul 2018
814Construction of C.C. Drain from Tailor Farooq House to Moiz House, W.No.11 09 Jul 2018
915Construction of C.C. Drain from Isam House to Musthafa House, W.No.13 09 Jul 2018
1016Construction of C.C. Drain from Khadeer Bhai (H) to Balraj (H)3 09 Jul 2018
1125Construction of C.C. Drain from Ayyub Khan Hose to Hasham House, W.No.3 (UGD) MD Nagar1.1 09 Jul 2018
1226Construction of C.C. Drain from Abdul Gaffar House to Open Plot, W.No.3 (UDG) MD Nagar1 09 Jul 2018
1332Construction of C.C. Drain with 1-No. Culvert from Pottigari Srinu House to Neeraid Shanker House, W.No.43 09 Jul 2018
1433Construction of C.C. Drain from Chakali Amsamma House to Siddam Anandam House, W.No.42.5 09 Jul 2018
1534Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Iqbal House to Bandi Prakasham House and E.Ganesh House to Rudra Manaiah House, W.No.43.9 09 Jul 2018
1635Construction of C.C. Drain from Swaroopa (H) to Saleem Bi (H)4.8 09 Jul 2018
1736Construction of C.C. Drain from Raikod Lalitha House to Rachappa House, W.No.42.5 09 Jul 2018
1837Construction of C.C. Drain from Akula Kalavathi House to Shankaraiah Swamy House, W.No.44.8 09 Jul 2018
1938Construction of C.C. Drain from Munnur Ramulamma Hose to Water Tank, W.No.44.8 09 Jul 2018
2039Construction of C.C. Drain from Kadamanchi Laxmi House to Thakedapally Chandramma House, W.No.43.15 09 Jul 2018
2140Construction of C.C. Drain from Chakali Ambamma House to Siddam Nagamani House, W.No.43 09 Jul 2018
2258Construction of C.C. Drain from Shankaramma, H.No.3-4-54 House to Machender, H.No.3-3-87 House, W.No.103 09 Jul 2018
2361Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from 1-HP Bore to Nawaz House & Khadira Begum (H)5 09 Jul 2018
2462Construction of C.C. Drain from Mominpet Road to MRF Afsar5 09 Jul 2018
2563Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from LIC Ramulu (H) Back side to Rama Reddy House3.4 09 Jul 2018
2664Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Mallesham Goud (H) to Afsar (H) to Shankaraiah (H)3.4 09 Jul 2018
2765Construction of C.C. Drain from MRF Ghouse Bhai House to Inayath House1 09 Jul 2018
2866Construction of CC Drain from Shashikala (H) to M. Anjaiah (H)5 09 Jul 2018
2967Construction of CC Drain from Khutubuddin (H) to Rahman (H)2.6 09 Jul 2018
3068Construction of C.C. Drain from Yousuf Hotel to Rahman House2.6 09 Jul 2018
3169Construction of C.C. Drain from Rafi (H) to Khadeer (H)2 09 Jul 2018
3272Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Golla Narsimulu House to Haji House4.8 09 Jul 2018
3376Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Pushpa Raj House to Sabastian House via Andhra Bank4.1 09 Jul 2018
3479Construction of C.C. Drain from Chowdeshwari Mandir to Nawaz Reddy House, W.No.13529/03/201809 Jul 2018
3581Construction of C.C. UGD Drain from Opp. Masjid to Mehmood5 09 Jul 2018
3682Construction of C.C. Drain from Narender to Bhavani Mandir5 09 Jul 2018
3785Construction of C.C. Drain from T.Ashok House to Babu Rao House, W.No.151.8 09 Jul 2018
3887Construction of C.C. Drain from Mochi Sangameshwar to Krishnaveni House, W.No.155 09 Jul 2018
3988Construction of C.C. Drain from Iqbal (H) to Babu Rao House,1.4 09 Jul 2018
4089Construction of C.C. Drain from Ch.Mallesham (H) to Baswaraj (H), W.No.154 09 Jul 2018
41101Construction of C.C. Drain from Anuradha (H) to 4-1-1/8/18/5 Mallanna (H) and MRF Janardhan (H)416/03/201809 Jul 2018
42102Construction of C.C. Drain from Chandraiah (H) to Swamy (H)510/03/201809 Jul 2018
43103Construction of C.C. Drain from Sathar (H) to Buchi Reddy (H)3.912/03/201809 Jul 2018
44104Construction of C.C. Drain from Anasuja Teacher House to H.No.4-9-7/11/13.915/03/201809 Jul 2018
45105Construction of C.C. Drain from Mohan Reddy (H) to Jagadishwar (H)110/03/201809 Jul 2018
46110Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Kohir Base to Sathani Eshwaraiah House, W.No.184.7 09 Jul 2018
47111Construction of C.C. Drain with 3-Nos. Culvert from Sathani Eshwaraiah House to Gandhi Bhavan, W.No.184.4 09 Jul 2018
48112Construction of C.C. Drain from Mallesham House to Bomma Prakasham House, W.No.181.5 09 Jul 2018
49118Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Urinals to Old Municipal Office.1 09 Jul 2018
50133Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Inayath House to H.No.1-1-8/160, W.No.232.112/03/201809 Jul 2018
51134Construction of C.C. Drain from V.Sailu House to Swapna House, W.No.232.5 09 Jul 2018
52135Construction of C.C. Drain from with Culverts from Bikshapathi House to Pasha House at Ward no 23, in Sadasivpet.4 09 Jul 2018
53141Construction of CC Drains with Culverts at Gadi Maisamma to NH 65 ( Sastri Road )28.4 09 Jul 2018