Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Not Started  - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
110Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Sadath Ali House to Mehboob House and Bukka Afsar House to ESI, W.No.12.852.8514/02/201809 Jul 2018
211Construction of C.C. Drain from Teku Durgaiah House to Nandikandi (MPDO Office) House, W.No.12.52.514/02/201809 Jul 2018
312Construction of C.C. Drain from Hussain (H) to Vadla Padma (H)3.13.114/02/201809 Jul 2018
413Construction of C.C. Drain from Uppari Narsimulu House to Nausheed House, W.No.13314/02/201809 Jul 2018
514Construction of C.C. Drain from Tailor Farooq House to Moiz House, W.No.11114/02/201809 Jul 2018
615Construction of C.C. Drain from Isam House to Musthafa House, W.No.13314/02/201809 Jul 2018
716Construction of C.C. Drain from Khadeer Bhai (H) to Balraj (H)3314/02/201809 Jul 2018
817Construction of C.C. Drain from Akhthar Hose to Zakir House1.61.606/02/201809 Jul 2018
918Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Kummari Laxmi House to Anji Reddy House2206/02/201809 Jul 2018
1019Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Arif House to Ch.Nagaraj (H)2206/02/201809 Jul 2018
1120Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Krishna Sir (H) to Chiru (H) & Nizampur Road5506/02/201809 Jul 2018
1221Construction of C.C. Drain from Janardhan (H) to Pochamma temple1.41.406/02/201809 Jul 2018
1354Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from Avusali Baswaraj House to Krishna Sir House and Manne Prabhu House to Rukmaiah House and Mittu House to Narsimulu House, W.No.93312/02/201809 Jul 2018
1455Construction of C.C. Drain from Jafar Doctor House to Kolkur Prathap House, W.No.91.51.512/02/201809 Jul 2018
1556Construction of C.C. Drain from Faiyaz House to Chenetha Sangham Meeting Hall, W.No.91.21.212/02/201809 Jul 2018
1657Construction of C.C. Drain from Jabbar House to Hameed House Meeting Hall, W.No.90.80.812/02/201809 Jul 2018
1759Construction of C.C. Drain from Bheem Shetty, H.No.3-3-64 House to Matam Sangameshwar House, W.No.104412/02/201809 Jul 2018
1860Construction of C.C. Drain from Damodar House to Birnallay Kotha House, W.No.103314/02/201809 Jul 2018
19109Construction of C.C. Drain from Mudda Nagulu House to Kohir Base, W.No.184.44.406/02/201809 Jul 2018
20110Construction of C.C. Drain with 2-Nos. Culvert from Kohir Base to Sathani Eshwaraiah House, W.No.184.74.706/02/201809 Jul 2018
21111Construction of C.C. Drain with 3-Nos. Culvert from Sathani Eshwaraiah House to Gandhi Bhavan, W.No.184.44.406/02/201809 Jul 2018
22112Construction of C.C. Drain from Mallesham House to Bomma Prakasham House, W.No.181.51.506/02/201809 Jul 2018
23125Construction of C.C. Drain with Culvert from G.Narsimulu House to Dabba Durgaiah (H), W.No.224.54.514/02/201809 Jul 2018
24126Construction of C.C. Drain with 1-Nos. Culvert from Dabba Durgaiah (H) to Rajashekhar Printing Press, W.No.225514/02/201809 Jul 2018
25127Construction of C.C. Drain from me-seva to Old Monaplay School and Ramesh Photo Studio to Transformer W.No.225514/02/201809 Jul 2018
26128Construction of C.C. Drain from Auto Raju (H) to Shivaraj (H)4.84.814/02/201809 Jul 2018
27129Construction of C.C. Drain from Pramod (H) Madasu Pentaiah2.652.6515/02/201809 Jul 2018
28130Construction of UGD Drain from Rajashekhar Printing press to Wahida Begum HOuse, W.No.222215/02/201809 Jul 2018
29139Construction of C.C. Drain with 4-Nos. Culvert from Girls High School to Davood House in W.No.7111115/02/201809 Jul 2018
30140Construction of CC Drains with Culverts at Gandhi Chowk to NH 65 ( Subhash Road )31.8531.85 09 Jul 2018