Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Government of Telangana
CM/Minister Assurance Development Works

Works Not Completed - CDMA

Rs. In Lakhs
119Construction of RCC Drain with RCC Slab from H.No.2-7-37 to 2-7-62 in W No 06 in Sangareddy Municipality4 22 Feb 2018
262Construction of CC Drain from H.No.5-4-100 &5-4-152/2/1 to Police subhan in W.No.17 in Sangareddy Municipality3 22 Feb 2018
363Construction of CC Drain from H.No.5-8-138/4/3/6/A to 5-8-122/6/F (Azam house), 5-2-20 to 5-2-23/2,5-8-138 in W.No.18 in Sangareddy Municipality5 22 Feb 2018
468Construction of CC Drain from Kalwakunta CC Road to 5-8-139/2/1,5-8-74/10/Din W.No.19 in Sangareddy Municipality528/01/201822 Feb 2018
5111Construction of CC Drain from Krishna teacher house to backside of income Tax Office in Veerabadranagar colony in W.No.283 16 Feb 2018
6118Construction of CC Drain 3-5-94 to 3-5-96/1,3-3-94 to Ashok house Padma house to Mallikarjun & New Baba Nagar 5 Culverts 5 17 Feb 2018